Entrepreneurs are individuals who continue to pave new paths for others to follow their lead. Henny (Henok) Yeshanew is a prime example of the type of entrepreneurs who break down barriers and strive to be on top.

Henny Yeshanew, 24, is the founder of Lion Marketing Agency, a full-service marketing firm dedicated to helping medium to large businesses achieve success and growth. His company has been awarded Top Marketing Agency in Ontario in 2018 & 2019 by Canada Business Awards. Henny has also received a Top 40 Under 40 Award for his success with the marketing agency and his community work with youth development.

At such a young age, Henny understood that identifying obstacles and finding solutions was the only way he was going to grow as an entrepreneur. The Top 40 Under 40 Award came by surprise to Henny, as he believed he did not deserve the award. He mentioned, “At such an early stage in my entrepreneurship journey, receiving an award comes at a shock; I felt I had to accomplish more and help others around me…I will definitely use this as motivation to continue my plan to help the youth.”

Henny has outlined a plan for educating the youth on the path of entrepreneurship, specifically newcomers or immigrants who believe that more schooling is the ONLY option for success. Growing up in a household where you are an immigrant from a third-world country, Henny had been through the challenges of breaking tradition and creating a new avenue to find a profession. Although Henny attended University and completed his studies, he has no regrets as he still believes that standard schooling offer skills and professions need to help advance our society.

In the last two years, Henny has attended over 50 different high school classrooms in which he spoke to students on their options and whether they want to try a new method and what this method will consist of. Henny believes that society today pains a false image of entrepreneurship; fast cars, mansions, money being printed, exotic travelling and fame. However, it is quite the opposite, lonely nights, no money, countless hours invested, missing family and friend events, no travelling or fancy cars. But that is all part of the journey and youth only see the good side of it without knowing what they will face to end up with the rewards.

Henny goes beyond teaching students about entrepreneurship, he also offers an internship at his agency for students hoping to get the real-life experiences needed to make their mind on whether entrepreneurship is a path for them. He also provides mentorship over social media or calls to those who have questions or guidance.

Henny goes beyond what an ‘entrepreneur’ is meant to be, using his free time to help others achieve the success they never thought was possible. This is an entrepreneur who will find success without the need to chase it because of a willingness to help others.


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