Lavleen Kaur, a dietitian, clinical nutritionist, lifestyle coach, founder of Diet Insight walks us through her extraordinary journey.

The journey which started with an unflinching interest in the field of food and nutrition, eventually led Lavleen Kaur to pursue a Masters in this field of expertise. However, the learning never stopped for Kaur.

After getting married, she started giving consultation to her loved ones and kept on exploring more about this expertise, and as destiny would have it, she professionally ventured into this industry and laid the foundation stone of Diet Insight Clinic in 2014. Ever since then, there has been no turning back!

What led you to become a dietitian? Did it turn out to be just as you expected?

My diet consultation began as a result of a grave realisation of the unhealthy lifestyle lead by most of the people around us, and the plethora of diseases (including but not limited to Diabetes, Thyroid, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Blood pressure) which come as a part and parcel of that. I wanted to help people move towards a better and healthy way of living. When I started from a corner of my house, I had never thought of the future. I began with the objective of making lives better around me, and though I am pleasantly surprised and happy about the way it has turned out to be, my objective remains the same.

What were some major challenges that you had to encounter for all this while?

Our way of living is very much ingrained in our psyche. Dealing with this, making people realise that things need to change in the way they are living and eating, and inspiring them to continuously work towards that change is a challenge. Changing people’s perspective beyond weight loss, and imparting the importance of sleep, stress levels and hormones instead of quick solutions is a demanding task. 

Tell us about your most revered accomplishments so far?

Witnessing the results in clients and patients, everyday; watching them adopt healthy lifestyles, everyday; being able to heal their mind and health, is my most dear achievement. I feel blessed every day.

Meeting Kareena Kapoor to receive International Excellence Awards at Malaysia in 2019 and receiving the award of being the Most Promising Youngest Dietitian in North India, 2016 at the International Healthcare Awards, New Delhi from Virender Sehwag have been the highlights of my career.

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Today, most of the youth is very gullible with regards to health and food. They follow every trending diet. There is a problematic urge to look for quick solutions. Improving health is a major and a drastic ongoing process, which has no shortcut. One must work on changing lifestyle and habits, which takes time. Also, the youth today is addicted to all kinds of screens and gadgets, having access to all the unhealthy food available in the market at the click of a button, which contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy lifestyle on the whole. 

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Diet and nutrition industry come up with new myths at all times, and surprisingly, many people believe all that with all their gut. 

That carbs make you gain weight is one such myth. It is the type and quantity of the carbs you eat, not carbohydrates themselves, that cause weight gain. Complex carbs raise blood glucose more slowly, require less insulin, and keep you full longer, whereas simple or refined carbs spike the insulin level leading to frequent hunger pangs and ultimately you end up eating more calories.

A monster trend in this industry is that of detox diets. People generally claim they need to ‘detoxify’ their body. We have our very own detoxifiers in the form of organs like lungs, liver and kidneys which work naturally round the clock to cleanse our body. Then why the positive hype behind those detox drinks? Because they say it helps in losing weight. While it does pack essential nutrients and vitamins, it reduces the overall calorie intake that leads to weight loss.

And then comes the star statement of all times, that one may binge one night and then work out some more sets in the gym the next day to compensate, but a bigger lie has never been told. One must just carry on as usual, keeping a tab on one’s food after that incident, because the body is not storing the extra food and energy separately for burning out the next day.

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I feel, traditional Indian food has been and will be the best food trend for Indians. Indian kitchen is a pharmacy to heal, with all the spices one can think of present there. The food in our genes, which has been eaten since ages by our ancestors has shaped us to be what we are today and is best suited. All other food trends are fads which come and go, while this stays.

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The weight loss industry today stands on the people’s obsession about being slim. I would say, the entertainment industry has had a noticeably big role to play in promoting this obsession. People are obsessed about the number on the scale today, and not the health of the body which is a temple. We forget that the only way to honour this temple is sensible eating, healthy living, and following body clock.