Meet Maitland Hanley, Mr Hanley has been creating viral social media content for over 3 years of hard work and has acquired a cool 800,000 followers across his many social media platforms. Now a full time social media creator, Maitland aims to produce an online video every 2-3 days for his loyal following.  Maitland didn’t gain his whole following overnight, it has been a 3 year journey to date. In fact, his passion for content creation only started as a hobby, Only recently in 2019 was Maitland able to create content as a full time job and turn his passion into a business, off the back of labouring for 5-6 days a week while creating content, trying to make his dream a reality. After dropping out of high school,  Mr Hanley worked a collective of 7 different jobs, during this time he striked a passion for making content. 

Not everybody strikes social media fame right away, for the majority of content creators they work full time and transition into full time content creation when they gain traction. In a previous interview, Maitland was asked about his transition from full time work to social media content creation, He said “The transition was easy at first, I’d been working 5-6 days a week labouring while still making content for years before I was able to go full time social media so not having to work another job made life easier. However now that I have employees to look after and social media is going through tough times the pressure is really on. I would say I’m more stressed out now than I ever was working 12 hour days 6 days a week labouring” 

We asked Maitland, What was your big break? Maitland replied, “I’ve been working 3 years to get to where I am today and it’s been a slow and steady grind with ups and many downs. You have to show up and put in the work when others aren’t willing to”.

Maitlands 7 tips for growing a following online: Creating content online, your going to have people judge you and hate you, learn to ignore the hate and keep doing what you want to do Believe in yourself and work day and night to make your dreams a reality Most importantly you have to really have a passion for whatever you’re doing Realise that you may lose ‘fake’ friends and not everyone will support you Have your own twist on your content People are following you, for you. So be yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them. Follow him on YouTube


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