Some days bring hope, some days misery and the same goes for businesses. But the one who moves consistently and keep innovating everyday survives long. With determination to achieve goals & dedication to provide every best services he could, Mr. Manas khatri, the CEO and founder of Digital Jugglers is leading towards new ways everyday. Manas has been Awarded the Young Achiever’s Award 2020-21 for excellence in Startup Consultation. A Serial Entrepreneur & also a Business Coach, Manas Khatri has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Branding, IT and Training. Mr Manas is a Trusted Advisor to 25+ Corporates and specializes in Startup Consultation.

How the Journey began

Mr. Manas was very creative since childhood. He had a passion for writing Hindi Poetries. Having keen interest in Computer/IT, Manas started his own YouTube Channel and Blog. That time he was in class 10th. Soon they became a good source of income as they began to engage good audience. Manas started working independently at a very young age and financed his every need on his own.

With Graduation and Post-Graduation in Computer Science (BCA & MCA), he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in the same subject. His expertise in IT and Marketing has allowed him to assist a variety of companies to increase their revenue by tremendous amounts. From providing 360° Digital Marketing Services, Training Program, Outdoor Advertising to Consultation Services, Mr. Manas is taking his business to new leads. He is an active member of various business networking platforms like BNI, IIA, Connect & Grow.

A True Leader

A true leader is the one who contributes something different to society and Manas Khatri has proved this. Few strategies that Manas follows and asks the new Entrepreneurs to follow:

  • If you have an outstanding idea that you believe can make a change in society then just make a wonderful plan and go for Startup.
  • The World is Changing Rapidly and it is necessary to keep oneself updated.
  • One should follow a guide or mentor who is considered an expert in the field they like the most.
  • One should always learn skills and be agitated towards practical learning.

Consistency is the key

Uncertainties could trouble anyone. But Mr. Manas has proved that he is ready to face & and work in any situation. During this tough time of Covid-19  when Businesses are collapsing, he managed things effectively. Manas used this downtime to Rethink, Redesign & Reengineer the way of Working. He kept the Health & well-being of his Employees on priority. He says, “Challenges boost me up to find out the best way to come up”. He believes in working consistently and working as if you’re working for yourself, providing services as if you’re availing those services. More learn Visit Website.

“Stop and sit is not me, work and level up everyday makes me feel who I’m”