Matthew J Phillips is a young entrepreneur from Cardiff, Britain who’s taken the coaching industry by storm In the past few months. He’s the creator of the Organic Clients Program and a fast-growing Facebook group for coaches, consultants and mentors.

His students are seeing incredible success – even within the chaos of COVID-19.

One of his Clients from Montreal, Canada made $11,000 in under a month with his coaching business.

Another, zero to $7,000 made in 5 days and a consultant from India closed 6 deals at $1,500 each totalling out to a total of $9,000 immediately upon implementation of his program.

These are to list a few.

Recently, Matthew has noticed a trend in people looking to create another stream of income for themselves to not suffer the repercussions of COVID-19. Coaching seems to be a popular choice. It’s a low barrier to entry and for as long as you’re a step ahead of some people in a certain area, fitness, business, relationships etc, you can help them and for that help, you can charge a fee.

We sat down with Matthew where he shared 3 tips to get your mind right as a new coach, consultant or mentor and start closing clients.

Tip 1: The More You Give The More You Get

It’s not uncommon to see new coaches, consultants and mentors hooked on the chase of the first payment. Money is the goal for almost everyone in the beginning and that’s okay Matthew says, but if you focus on only that, it will show. It will show through your lead generation efforts, it will show when trying to close over the phone and you’re opening yourself up to appear desperate. This is a major turn off. Focus on giving to your target market and you will always receive. Pair this with a great content strategy and you’re golden. Matthew is consistently having four figure days from his Facebook content because of this principle. This also helps majorly with being an authority, a shiny object that everyone chases and who doesn’t want clients chasing them?

Tip 2: The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None

Matthew heard the quote “The man who chases two rabbits catches none” by Tai Lopez when he first stepped into entrepreneurship at 17 years old and it’s always struck a chord with him since. It’s highly likely that if you’re looking to swim and not sink in this worrying time that you have somewhat of an entrepreneurial mindset. Most that have this mindset have a mind that never switches off. Meaning, their mind is racing with ideas 24/7. Due to this, it’s easy to try and do too many things at once which leads to the ball dropping somewhere and that somewhere hopefully isn’t going to be what puts food on your table.  Matthew says to pick one strategy of landing clients and stick to it. If you don’t have one. Find one. Get a coach for yourself, buy a course that you trust with great success stories and follow it to a T.

Tip 3: Trust & Love The Process

Being a coach, consultant or mentor Is difficult. You’ll find that out for yourself he says when you get started. The only way you’ll stay the course and see results like Matthew’s clients, is if you trust and love the process. Give more than you take, never chase two rabbits and if you don’t have any strategy or simply don’t know where to start  – get yourself a coach or course with a proven track record and trust and love the process.