By pouring passion into each chosen venture, Suliman achieves success across a variety of spheres to the benefit of others as well as his own sense of accomplishment.

Born in 1990, Suliman is yet a young man but his thirst for knowledge and passion for business meant that soon after he gained his first Bachelor’s degree in 2005, he began making astute investment decisions. Confidence in his business abilities grew and entrepreneurial activities soon followed. One again, his focus on gaining the right knowledge and making the best decisions proved positive.

A new arena

Although Suliman was proud of his business achievements, a passion for horse training and breeding took hold and buoyed by his growing self-assurance, he made the decision to begin a new stable, the Al Sheikh Stud.

He knew his first decisions over who to work with and which horses to bring into his stud and breed from, were exceptionally important. However, just as with his business ventures, Suliman used the best knowledge and his own well-founded views and once again, it proved the right combination.

With stunning mares and stallions to start his stable in 2016, the Al Sheikh Stud soon gained a glowing reputation with multiple wins in Arabian horse events around the world after only a single year. His choice of horses won accolades aplenty and soon Suliman gained a seat in the echelons of his chosen equine categories.

Sharing the success of his stable

Thanks to his excellent decision making around his horses, which presented him with numerous opportunities to share stunning images of his growing stable during their competitive events, Suliman opted to bring his love of beautiful Arabian horses to many thousands of people.

Just as he quickly gained success as a businessman, entrepreneur and Arabian breeder, he is also fast becoming an Instagram sensation with glorious photos of his sensational horses as they win trophy upon trophy around the world.

However, his followers, which already top 15,000 across his own mohammad.shekh and alsheikhstud accounts, don’t just enjoy the images of his beautiful horses, Equator, Seranza, Algamra and others. They also see the love Suliman has for these magnificent creatures as they amaze him both at home and on the competitive stage.

This passion has, without a doubt been hugely important across all of his successes and will certainly ensure he retains his crown as one of the top Arabian breeders, today and in the future.