Getting Inspired and Motivated by Monica

Monica Landén is an inspiration to many as she was able to create the ultimate dream job with her boyfriend, Gabriel M. Padilla, and the most adorable dog, Roxy. Together with Roxy, Monica is recognized as a world-traveling dog-influencer duo with more than 250,000 followers combined on her Instagram pages @landenmonica and @withroxy. Monica began her passion for travel at the age of 13 years old, then after quickly realizing there’s a better path for her than attending university and entering the corporate world, Monica traveled and spent her time exploring all over Europe, and more exotic locations such as Brazil, Mexico, Australia, parts of Asia, and North America.

Her inspiring love story with Gabriel started 4 years ago in Los Angeles and have continued their adventures together ever since.

Monica’s passion for travel, blogging, and photography would not be complete without their gorgeous Husky-German Shepherd mix, Roxy. Roxy became a part of the couple’s lives 3 years ago, and they have been inseparable ever since. According to Monica, Roxy is never left alone, hence it was only natural for her to start an Instagram page that portrayed their adventures, daily life, and gorgeous content overall. Roxy is turning 3 years old in October 2020 and has already lived in 4 different states and 2 different countries since she was born!

From a Scrapbook Idea to Thousands of Followers

Monica began her blogging career almost unintentionally. After she first got Roxy, her and Gabriel used Instagram as an online scrapbook to showcase Roxy’s photos from when she was only a puppy. It was ideal for Gabe and Monica to have a single place where all of Roxy’s photos were only a click away.

It wasn’t long after that when she started to gain popularity through the unique content that she shared on her Instagram page. She was able to inspire thousands of followers, and even provide helpful advice on how to raise puppies to other aspiring pet-owners. How charming is that?

What sets Monica’s story apart from other pet or dog influencers is that Monica and Roxy’s page doesn’t simply flaunt Roxy’s beautiful photos, but rather, it has achieved a sense of storytelling. Through their Instagram, @withroxy, heartwarming stories about an extraordinary bond between Roxy, Monica, and Gabriel are wonderfully portrayed to thousands of people on the social media platform. It’s not only relevant for pet owners across the globe, but also, the photos shared express Monica’s talent in bridging the gap and depicting the bond between animal and human.

Monica’s Milestone

The greatest feeling of achievement first came to Monica as the Instagram page @withroxy first achieved a whopping 100,000 followers. Reaching the milestone provided enough validation to indicate that Roxy’s journey with Monica and Gabriel had touched the lives of thousands of fans. It was a great success for the couple to feel like they have motivated, educated, and inspired many people across the globe with what they do.

By being genuinely authentic, and continuing to do what they love most, Monica was able to capture the attention of many fans who found her unique take on capturing special moments with Roxy truly inspirational.

Even after years of managing their Instagram accounts, Monica manages to stay motivated by the love of their fans. Receiving messages from fans asking for advice or simply sharing how much they enjoy following their page elevates how amazing this experience has been for them overall.

To young entrepreneurs looking out to begin a similar path to the ultimate dream job, Monica shares her advice to start small, practice photography daily, and to learn from others who have already successfully launched their career. Most importantly, she emphasizes to maintain one’s unique personal style and aesthetic in everything that they pursue. From your own narrative and point of view to your photography and videography techniques and coloring. Everything must reflect your soul and this will relate, on a deep level, with your audience and fan base. Because in the end, this blessed profession exists only because of them. We hope this beautiful and meaningful story inspired many of you to chase your dreams and pursue your passions. Thanks for reading.

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