Mrs LaTruth, born Briana Hampton in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is a popular social media influencer with more than a 5 million following– 1.2 million on Facebook alone. She was raised in Southfield, Michigan where she relocated with her mother at the age of 5, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, LaTruth.

Widely known for posting skits with LaTruth in which she pranks him, praises him, and provides beautiful insight into their marriage, Mrs LaTruth is also a model, a published author, and a “mompreneur.”

Her rise to notoriety started with modeling. Mrs LaTruth has always loved shopping, trying on clothes, and photographing herself in new and stylish outfits. She began posting some of her pictures on her social media accounts and soon many of them went viral. Eventually, she and husband LaTruth met and became an internet sensation for the skits they would record and post online.

More than just a social media icon, Mrs LaTruth is also the successful owner of two business enterprises: Klassy Queens, a premiere line of women’s wigs, and MrsLaTruth Boutique & Dance Studio, a one-of-a-kind dance studio and clothing store.

Mrs LaTruth was inspired to start Klassy Queens when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and started losing her hair. They would try all different styles of wigs, looking for ones that made her mother feel pretty until finally finding one that made her feel beautiful. That was a defining moment for Mrs LaTruth who then became determined to help other women struggling with self-image or who otherwise don’t feel beautiful. She started Klassy Queens to uplift and unite women around the world.

MrsLaTruth Boutique & Dance Studio was born out of a simple notion to create someplace different and unique. Constantly looking for ways to uplift women, Mrs LaTruth wanted to offer a place where women could relax, let their hair down, and not worry about facing judgement from others. She had never seen a dance studio with a boutique clothing store in it, so it felt like the perfect opportunity. Now, she offers an enjoyable place where women can shop during the day and dance at night.

Keeping up with her millions of followers, creating and posting fun and meaningful content for social media, and running two successful businesses has motivated Mrs LaTruth to look for even more outlets for her creative talents. She is also a published author.

This year her first book, The Self Love Journal, was published. Staying true to form, Mrs LaTruth’s book aims to encourage, uplift, and inspire women to love themselves and prioritize their own personal growth journey. Mrs LaTruth believes that women feeling empowered shouldn’t simply be a current trend that eventually disappears, but a new normal.

It is a rarity today to hear women speak about their own journey of self-love. When we do see a story about it, it is often a romanticized version created by Hollywood that lacks truth and substance.

The Self Love Journal challenges its readers to think critically about their current way of life and how (if at all) they prioritize their mental health and their self-love journey. It also encourages readers to think more about loving themselves and creating a healthy growing environment for themselves. Mrs LaTruth is now working on creating and releasing new skits that continue to educate and uplift Queens everywhere. She is also preparing for a promotional book tour for The Self Love Journal. Never one to be complacent with what she has already achieved.

Mrs LaTruth continues to develop new ideas for future endeavors. She hopes to use her businesses to host self-love brunches and women’s empowerment events, providing a launch pad for other women who hope to become successful in their own life journeys