Nienke van Bezooijen is the granddaughter of Emma, a mum, partner, multiple ‘caretaker’ within her family and besides all that she is an entrepreneur, mentor for thought-leaders and change-makers. I am a bridge between the generation of my gran, born 1918, my generation and beyond. In her working life she is an international speakers mentor, author of the Speaker Success Solution and business owner of Presentation-Master.

We would like to spotlight Nienke’s book
‘My life with Emma – Moving mountains in silence’
Nienke said, her gran started her personal development at a conscious level, at the age of 90, when she became a widow. They had a soul- connection from the moment she was born. “I was her source of joy in life. Over the years I became her vehicle to give her a voice in my world. Often she became a source of inspiration for my clients if I used her wisdom and encouraging examples to overcome obstacles.” “After her death I decided to share our life’s stories, woven together, to shine a light of hope and encouragement for all women struggling with challenges in life and to show how they can deal with this in another way.” “From the moment I was born I had my grandmother Emma beside me as my guardian angel in real life. When Emma became ill; I had the honor to become her guardian angel. In 2017 we wrapped up Gran’s life on earth and were able to stay connected until today. How? I share all about it in ‘my life with Emma.”

When speaking on something you have overcome or success Nienke said, “Life’ has given me many challenges: from being paralyzed at the age of 17, of losing one child and fighting to bring two other children into this world and facing the diagnoses of autism all around me. Getting divorced, being care taker of 6 relatives, my own breakdowns.” “Gran faced a war, famine, humiliation, from no money to buy shoes to reaching a million. Dealing with dementia around her, hope, fear and death.”

“I want to be a lighthouse for women. Shine light in seemly dark episodes in their life. I want to give them insights with Emma’s wisdom. Encourage them by how Gran and I overcame our difficulties in life.” “We became stronger, together, no matter our age difference; with this book I share the warmth of my Gran with the world so they can feel enlightened by the words: honest and vulnerable, sometimes raw… but, always with compassion and love.”

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