Let’s peep into the life of an MMA/ Muay Thai fighter turned entrepreneur who’s changing lives of many through his skills in the field of eCommerce. The unfolds like, Orel Shitrit, who suffered a career-ending injury had to find something else outside the octagon to pursue his career. The 22 year old fighter not ready to quit in the hands of a blow enters the field of eCommerce and done wonders. Shitrit is running a bunch of stores right now and providing eCommerce knowledge and experience to clients along with fb ads managements. He is also running a media agency that specializes with managing influencers & celebrities and also providing IG/FB network growth services.

A Normal Day

Juggling high-level corporate clients and businesses on the site is extremely time consuming and often times very stressful so I want to give you a glimpse into what this looks like. It is my passion to build online businesses, ever since I switched my field I am able to help numerous businesses in their business needs. I am typically doing high-level tasks that don’t require large chunks of my time and this means replying to emails replying to my students and at this point it’s usually really hard to peel me off my desk.

What Keeps You Going

I love marketing and getting immediate results from our efforts so checking in and optimizing ads is extremely rewarding to me. I also get to work with large media companies directly such as Google and Facebook and I might be biased but a career in digital world is extremely rewarding for those wanting to work in corporate 9 to 5. So as part of my role there are a lot of client meetings both over the phone and face-to-face so usually I get these out of the way in the morning.

Key To Success in Today’s World

Success in today’s business world relies on a solid digital foot print but how do you develop a powerful marketing strategy ? Use social media effectively and leverage ecommerce to make your business grow.

The fix to mobile internet and related technologies exert a profound influence on how business and social institutions evolve, how they’re challenged and sometimes even displaced companies that were non-existent a few years ago including Facebook, LinkedIn and uber have dramatically changed the way we interact how we communicate.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, a manager or a student you need thoughtful approaches to navigate and win in this new environment. I help people understand how the digital economy works and how to develop the critical insights you’ll need to understand ecommerce business and social media marketing. We look at new forms of interaction including networks and reputation building. We look at tools and principles of digital action including online advertising on both fixed and mobile devices and finally we look at new platforms and communities and the emergence of organic celebrities . So, at the end you’ll be able to identify and understand new models of business and you’ll be able to use social media and marketing methods. I help people market themselves and their products more efficiently and effectively so whether you’re a marketer, an analyst, an entrepreneur, a small business owner or an investor or even a consumer, I will help you be more successful using the internet to market your brand, your products, your business and even yourself more effectively.

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