Young black entrepreneurs, particularly those from Africa, have a bad reputation around the world. The narrative around black entrepreneurs tends to be negative and most often gets less support from family and friends lest to talk about investors when starting a business. Whilst some of this is true there are countless examples of amazing black entrepreneurs changing the narrative. Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founder of SamBoad Business Group LLC, is an entrepreneur who believes that through leveraging of services and adding integrity and good customer service in your dealings, businesses can be opened and investors might be interested in your vision.

Early Beginnings

Samuel Kwame Boadu has had a long career in consulting and sales spending over 10 years in these industries. He started out in a bank called the Beige Capital as a Relationship officer helping customers and managing an investment portfolio of over $300,000 and brought in an investment of over $160,000 within a span of One Year in Ghana. Today he is Head of Media & Business Consulting Strategy for major institutions like Coco Vanilla Ghana, Priority Insurance Ghana Limited, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy, and about 8 start-ups. Samuel Kwame Boadu after his National Service decided to bootstrap to start his own firm, SamBoad Business Group Limited in 2014 though he was building his empire, he took in more jobs from other institutions to be able to pump more money into his Vision because of Lack of support.

Formalizing SamBoad Business Group Limited

Shortly after, Samuel Kwame Boadu went about turning his WhatsApp group that contained investors, friends, and family into more formal meetings structured around a variety of topics from managing social media pages to discussions about some of the possibilities of investing with SamBoad Business Group Limited. The “branding of SamBoad Business Group Limited “was very flippant and throwaway” Samuel says but it managed to catch on and they began selling t-shirts and other merchandise as the brand’s presence grew via social media and other customers who had a great experience with SamBoad’s services. As the brand started to generate revenue and the membership base grew a lot of his peers and former business partners started investing in SamBoad Business Group Limited of which most of the investments were used to give out SME Loans through his subsidiary SamBoad Micro-credit Services, bought equipment to start a media, branding, and production through another subsidiary called SamBoad Media Consult and it continued to expand into buying of 10 motorcycles to start a food delivery business called SamBoad Express having contracts with DHL & Bolt food.

The Future For SamBoad Business Group Limited

Looking ahead, the future of SamBoad Business Group Limited looks bright. A lot of my conversation with Samuel Kwame Boadu has been focused on him emphasizing that they are building something accountable to the community “the goal is that everything we generate goes back into the community to create more jobs” he says. However, sustainability is extremely important “given always impressing investors through the growing of subsidiaries and activities of SamBoad Business Group Limited step by step is a long term workstream we need to ensure we are financially secured each day. They intend to do this through continuous securing of contracts and seeking more investors and partnerships that will believe in the SamBoad Business Group Limited Vision.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is very positive and a God-fearing entrepreneur hoping to spread the wings of his brand and firm SamBoad Business Group Limited. His passion for business, his focus on collaborative team-building, and his commitment to meeting customer and market demands will always make him attract more investors to help grow his businesses. Samuel Kwame Boadu is a 5 times nominee for Male Entrepreneur of the year in Ghana and an award-winning Entrepreneur of the year with The Bizz Awards, USA.


  • Ranjeet Sethi

    Founder and Media Strategist

    Ranjeet Sethi is a PR Industry Expert and a Former Media Strategist. He is the Founder of Get Featured Media. He occasionally writes about Entrepreneurs, Fintech, and Startups at various Publications. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Council and YEC.