Most of what Silvia Li Sam has learned about critical thinking, marketing, and storytelling, came from her work on the Medium platform. Through her time building the largest startup publication on Medium, Li Sam went above and beyond, beating the White House’s Medium in following and readership.

From the beginning days, Li Sam managed hundreds of writers and worked with them to ensure that their writing was flawless and inspiring. Through this time, she helped grow national engagement and shape the way startup entrepreneurs and investors operated. She’s played an essential role in the startup community, advising companies on content strategy (Commaful), crafting her own content, and helping others write innovative ideas in the technology world. Silvia managed to recruit top writers including top venture capitalist, New York Times best sellers, and serial entrepreneurs. All her writers have created content that has led to more than 2 million minutes read.

Alongside her career, she continued creating successful communities. She joined Hostfully, a startup focused on the vacation rental market, where she built the foundations of their business and grew their user base significantly to thousands of users in few months. It is here where she had to be scrappy. All her digital campaigns were organic and furthermore, she grew their social media following to over 60,000 users.

According to Li Sam; “In this time and age, it is important to understand the power of social media marketing and storytelling”. Working on extensive digital campaigns, Li Sam has created campaigns that have reached millions of people globally. She worked with tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to launch the first Startup Weekend Latinx at the Kapor Center in Oakland last year. She brought together over one hundred participants to pitch and reach millions through her social media campaign.

Social media also offers a great tool for engaging audiences and outreach to new users. “Using social media platforms you can educate, engage and motivate people to follow your product,” says Li Sam. “Doing so requires working tirelessly to create the most appealing ways to share information.”