Stefi Cohen is an athlete with more than 25 world records. Apart from this, she is a businesswoman, a doctor of physical therapy, and a podcast mentor. She has co-authored a book called Back in Motion with Ian Kaplan. She presides over online fitness programs. This multitalented woman has also played soccer for San Diego State 2009-10 and was also a member of the U17 Venezuelan National Soccer Team 2006-09. She is also a certified strength and conditional specialist.

These programs are possible not only due to her success as a bodybuilder but also due to her insight into the field of fitness that makes her fit to be a trainer. This has brought her thousands of fans from all over the world. 

The name of her online fitness program is the Hybrid Performance Method. One of the interesting attractions of this program is that it provides customized workout routines to the people who register for the program. This means that each subscriber gets his/her own set of workout practice that is specifically made for that person only. Each person gets a nutritionist, a professional athlete for guidance, and also a personal trainer all for him/herself.

In the records of weightlifting, Stefi Cohen is the first woman to have lifted four times her own body weight. Recently she has broken three more powerlifting world records. She deliberately lost weight to get into the lower weight category to break some more world records and to add them to her list. Through the Hybrid Performance Method, she teaches people how to get rid of body fat and  build muscles. She helps people better their lives by training them to push their body limits and gain strength. Cohen gets the best out of people through this platform and makes them a better version of themselves.

She learns from her own mistakes. She says, “Failure doesn’t define me. I chose to embrace all the things that feel threatening: challenge, struggle, criticism, setback. I used to think that unless you win, you lose. But I’ve learned that the journey is the reward even when things don’t go as planned.” 

Though she believes in transforming pain into strength she also believes in recovery. She trusts her own experience on this because at one point in time she kept on deadlifting though she had back pain. As a result of this, a time came when she couldn’t even walk normally. The pain was consistent. So she also prescribes recovery during training. She changes her exercise routine and practice according to her goals. When she found out she was not progressing she changed her methods of exercising accordingly. So she believes in change and adapts with grace.

The most important thing one can learn from Stefie Cohen is to be limitless. We set our own limits, so we should learn to push ourselves forward like Stefie. Had she limited herself to her body, this 5 feet tall girl could never have been able to lift four times her own weight. To achieve something one has to first dream and then consistently work towards achieving it.

About goals she says, “I thought that if I wasn’t realistic I would end up getting disappointed most of the time. Therefore, I tried to match my expectations with reality, and stick to safe, realistic goals.” She stays above the opinion of people. She comments, “People will think you’re crazy or dumb when you tell them what you’re gonna do, that’s fine. That is a limiting belief to what other people are doing, they don’t think its possible for them to achieve those goals. Let those people be small and average. The more unrealistic the goal, the more fulfilled your life becomes.”