Serial entrepreneur Tere Tatiana is a true inspiration for all the women. Read to know what makes her an exceptional personality

In today’s dynamic world, women are standing shoulder to shoulder with men in every field. When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, many women have set a benchmark. Tere Tatiana is one prominent name who has been helping people on how to increase income during the COVID-19 pandemic and also is helping in maintaining the overall mental health of an individual. Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Statesboro, GA, she graduated from Claflin University Cumma Sum Laude with a degree in Public Relations. Since an early age, Tere had been an overly ambitious woman who learnt how to balance life being a single mother after being deployed to Afghanistan in 2009.

During the same time, she got certified in connecting, splicing and measuring fiber optical cable. Tere even received multiple accolades as an HR professional. It was by far the best decision of the entrepreneur after which she dominated four of her businesses namely Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty, Labeled Blu Transportation and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility. Widely recognised as a serial womanpreneur, Tatiana is also a popular social media influencer. On her social media, she usually shows the different layers of her personality and reveals why she is one of the best serial entrepreneurs.

While speaking about how she remains unique with her content, Tere said, “I remain true and authentic with my content. I try to be as open with my followers as I can. They love that even more and they find it even more relatable. In addition to that, I create informative content like business tips for budding entrepreneurs.” Not just this, Tere is also a multi-tasker who juggles between her life as a mother, a businesswoman and an influencer.

Today Tere Tatiana is an affluent public figure and many people find her unapproachable or intimidating which is not the case. “I at times engage with my followers on Instagram DM and many of my followers know that I am not a usual model but a woman who has built an empire with a vision”, she added. Giving a piece of advice to all the influencers, Tere stated that originality and authenticity are extremely important to be in the race for the long run. In future, Tere Tatiana has a lot of exciting things coming up.

“I am currently revamping Labeled Blu Transportation and adding new trucking equipment and hiring new operators. With it, I will also relaunch Labeled Blue Collections – a clothing boutique catering towards the working women who are not afraid to embrace their femininity and sexuality”, quoted the entrepreneur. Additionally, Tere is promoting her upcoming virtual trucking class and women in business retreat for next month. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tere’s focus has been educating young women on how to juggle business, personal life, and social media.

Labled Blu Transportation

This month, Tere released her virtual trucking courses making her the first black woman to launch virtual trucking classes for black women.

Labeled Blu Transportation – Your one stop shop for all your trucking needs! We bring you the most informative and knowledgeable courses on how to start your own trucking company for our elite customers.
Our goal is to offer out customers  the best virtual trucking class that is taught by the most experienced and talented instructor that will lead you to success to starting your own trucking company from A to Z!

Labeled Blu Transportation believes in customer satisfaction. Hence,  is why we work hard to ensure our customers receive the very best experience. As a subsidiary to Labeled Blu Transportation, Tere created the Label Blu Presents: The Introduction into the Trucking Industry virtual course.

Over the years, I have received so many inquiries, from men and women, on how to start a trucking business, so I decided to create a trucking “Bible” to assist entry level entrepreneurs with breaking into the trucking business. In addition, creating a virtual course afforded me the opportunity to reach the masses and provided the flexibility that is essential to today’s world, especially during a pandemic. 

This course will cover how to start a business, the many trucking filings and requirements on the state and federal levels, and so much more.

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