This Australian man has the happiest job in the world

The guy who gets in touch with lottery winners to let them know they’ve won the top prize and come to be a millionaire has opened up about his unusual career.

Matt Hart assists Australia’s largest lottery operator, The Lott, and each year he contacts hundreds of people to let them know they’ve finally won the jackpot.

The Brisbane man told ABC News he enjoys calling people to give them the good news but he admits he still gets anxious prior to making each phone call.

‘I get anxious when I phone individuals and then I wish to make sure they can trust it and take it all in,’ he explained.

Mr Hart said he contacts the lucky winners instantly after every lottery draw from a small insulated cubicle in Brisbane.

The cubicle oddly resembles the Tardis from Dr Who, but as Mr Hart explained, it’s necessary since some of the responses are extremely loud.

‘Some people yell wildly, others are just stunned silence … there really are several great screamers around though,’ he said.

One of the many difficult parts of Mr Hart’s job is persuading people they have really won the jackpot and are millionaires.

‘The very first phone call I ever made did not believe it and said if I called again, he would call the police and hung up on me,’ he told ABC Radio Brisbane’s Craig Zonca and Rebecca Levingston.

‘People tell us they’re not lucky people and it couldn’t be them and think it’s a scam.

‘Sometimes we need to tell them to inspect their ticket and come back to us,’ he said.

While Mr Hart makes more than 700 phone calls to winners, the chances of effectively getting a call from him is one in 11.3 million.