Through the Thrive ZP Challenge, our community is making Better Choices, seeing big results, and winning big. Stories from our winners, like the 24 featured here, prove that every individual has the power to transform their life every day through a combination of small, sustainable changes and peer-to-peer inspiration.

Thrive ZP State Challenge

Erika Bush, Supercenter #1279; Houston, TX; $2K Winner

Lindsey Oliver, Sam’s Club Corporate; St. Petersburg, FL; $2K Winner

Tanika Stewart, Supercenter #3008; Atlanta, GA; $2K Winner

Aaron Schneider, Distribution Center #6903; Desoto, TX; $3K Winner

Kendra Johnson, Supercenter #3008; Atlanta, GA; $3K Winner

Nadia Parkinson, Walmart Pharmacy #5315; Orlando, FL; $3K Winner

Craig Medeck, Distribution Center #6061; Statesboro, GA; $5K Winner

Frank Bureta, Supercenter #4368; Ocala, FL; $5K Winner

Yolande’ Dawson, Sam’s Club #4948; San Angelo, TX; $5K Winner

Thrive ZP National Challenge

Alexis Sanchez, Distribution Center #6094; Bentonville, AR; $5K Winner

Brandon Edwards, Distribution Center #6077; Moberly, MO; $5K Winner

Brandon Johnson, Supercenter #3582; Colorado Springs, CO; $5K Winner

Christy Adams, Supercenter #1354; Washington, N.C.; $5K Winner

Danelle Windham, Neighborhood Market #6166; D’iberville, MS; $5K Winner

Janice Smith, Supercenter #1143; Sandersville, GA; $5K Winner

Joanne Cramer, Neighborhood Market #5980; Granite Bay, CA; $5K Winner

Jose Torres, Transportation Admin #6821; Porterville, CA; $5K Winner

Joseph David Mckenzie, Supercenter #2440; Sylva, N.C.; $5K Winner

Logan Gonzaga, Store #2314; Waipahu, HI; $5K Winner

Michael Vicario, Supercenter #3371; Charlotte, N.C.; $5K Winner

Michelle Gallien, Supercenter #2329; Orange, MA; $5K Winner

Rajwinder Kaur, Supercenter #5136; Marysville, CA; $5K Winner

Robert Flores, Neighborhood Market #5008; Hemet, CA; $5K Winner

Valerie Kimbrough, Supercenter #2277, Clovis, CA; $5K Winner

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