Sparkling light – a photo remix from HitRecord

I am sharing a wonderfully nuanced poem I wrote for a weekly writing challenge on HitRECord ( an open online community for creative collaboration) back in January 2020. Because it was the holidays, I had more time and got inspired to do fun stuff, so I welcomed the new year with my first entry for the challenge.

The theme was to write a hopeful poem about how it feels to ‘come back to life’ after a period of withdrawal .

Meet World Again  
Proud that something has slowly taken place
Contemplations made in hidden sacred space
All those soul searching, nourishing times
In darkness a spark of light begin to shine
Tough life challenges were gracefully faced
Resilience learnt and it was well embraced
As I look and listen from so deep within
Wholeness found and new ways to begin
Stronger and will never ever just give up
Feels like a coffee refill of an empty cup
Warm unconditional self healing pure love
Now overflows from depths of my dear heart
Grateful for hope has always been by my side
Abundance of time to enjoy this very wild ride
Brighter days ahead music oh so sweet and kind
Here to meet world again so I dance and I grind

And it gets even better.

Found out unexpectedly, that this piece of writing can be converted into another form of art! Neat, right?

I learned the importance of collaboration as well from meeting new, fun, encouraging and inspiring people online – voice actors, photographers, cinematographers and film editors / curators.

It is when these creative artists added value, brought in something to the table, provided fresh new ideas, remixed an art … – we were able to create a cinepoem.

So what is a cinepoem?

It is a cinematic pieces of poetry, collaboratively made by the HitRECord community.

These were all new to me back then and it’s great that the steps on how to go about it were provided. Grateful for the staffs who have assisted me with this project. If you’re looking to try new fun things online and wondering how to create cinepoems, I have indicated the steps below and the link to HitRecord.

This is to inspire everyone to just try, believe in yourself, share, collaborate, give creative ideas, write your stories, all those you have in your mind and know that, yes, you can do all of these wonderful things too!

I am writing more poems now and looking forward to producing more cinepoems to share again!

How To Produce a Cinepoem Short Film:

1. Find a piece of poetry to start with, or come up with a general theme.

2. Click “Start Your Own Project”.

3. Release a “Writing Step” to receive more poetry contributions and create the final script (skip this step if you have the poetry already).

4. Once the poem is done, release a “Voice Acting Step” to receive performances of the poem.

5. Release “Filming Steps” and “Photography Steps” for video & photo contributions inspired by the poem or theme.

6. Release an “Editing Step” for someone to put the short film together with music, voiceover, video, and effects.

7. Add credits and you’re done!

May this final piece inspire, uplift and bring hope to each and everyone. Feel free to share this one too and let’s “Meet World Again” with kindness, vitality, love, light and good vibes.

Watch it here : Meet World Again

or on Youtube: Meet World Again

Watch Meet World Again – Cinepoem

No regrets, just love.