Women empowerment requires a considerable amount of effort. To empower such enormous vessels is a tedious job for anyone. The duties that comprise the gift of womanhood is unfathomable. Even when the collective patriarchal history of our world positions women in inferior degrees, they triumphed and are continuously marking significant changes in society.

Many women reach monumental heights in their careers with the help of others. Over the years, professionals have created profound methods of reaching out to women at a time when they are at the rocks. Manifesting Marge is a global brand that aims to liberate women from their current predicaments that hinder them from elevating their statuses. 

Owned by Margaret Schwarzrock, Manifesting Marge has now operated for over a decade and helped hundreds of thousands of women release their inner strengths, focus on their goals, and soar high. From entrepreneur to coach, Schwarzrock persevered to globalize her operations. This success is not, at all, a comfortable journey for her. Meg, as what her professional peers come to call her, is a woman of two offspring. 

During the last recession, Meg started a skincare business that would eventually lead her to her passion for coaching women to step into their worth. She founded Manifesting Marge to coach women like her in aligning their energies with their goals and becoming successful in self-love, love, money and health. 

“I coach my clients to design the life their soul craves by energetically aligning, to attract what they want! I give my clients and students an understanding of what it means to manifest with intention so that they can quit self-sabotage,” says Meg.

As a manifesting coach, Meg roots her teachings from the Law of Attraction that treats the mind as an entity that, if adequately conditioned and motivated, unlocks possibilities of the self. With the busy schedule confronting women, ranging from being mothers to wives and a whole lot more, they lose sight and drive to achieve their visions for themselves. Meg offers her services to women aspiring self-love, self-confidence, and purpose. The brand provides private counseling and even an online course for women. The goal is to teach women to live a high vibe life and manifest what they want.

The name of her brand, Marge, came from her supportive husband. It is a piece of the past that still makes her laugh until today. Meg gets her name from her grandmother, Margaret, an equally proud woman. Yet, when she dated a handsome young fellow, he resorted to calling her Marge, as in Marge Simpson from the TV animation series The Simpsons. The name slightly embarrassed her. Eventually, her peers and family resorted to calling her that as well.

“I knew there was no other name for my Manifesting Coaching Brand than that of Manifesting Marge,” Meg shares in jest. Marge became her alter ego. According to her, Marge is a sassy, girly, giving, determined, a visionary, positive, driven, a master manifestor, and on a quest to help women manifest their magic.

In a life filled with hardships and dilemmas, Meg prides herself on being a woman for women. 

Women can get to know more about Meg on her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates.