Melanie Martin

Define Your Fitness Mindset With Melanie Martin

We understand that you cannot always control what is outside of you. But, you surely can control what is within you. It is all about the mindset,’ suggests Melanie Martin

As someone who plays many roles – a mom-in-making, wife, dog mom, entrepreneur, small-town girl with big dreams and now…. a coach, Melanie has an inspiring journey. She runs a personal coaching business. She is into fitness coaching with a strong focus on mindset and nutrition. In a world full of Instagram filters and highlight reels, Melanie keeps it real! She is transparent in her own ways and means. 

Adapting The Fitness Mindset 

Melanie fell in love with fitness about 8 years ago. She did Crossfit for about 3 years before moving on to a conventional gym. When she developed a passion for health and fitness, she started sharing small pieces of what she was doing on social media. People would message her occasionally for advice or help in their fitness journey. Watching people’s lives change by implementing small habits and changes suggested by her was very rewarding. 

Melanie was terrified to start something new (due to her past experiences) but she simply could not ignore a passion like that. One of the biggest challenges for Melanie was her own fear. Overcoming the fear of failing, a fear of being an imposter in an internet full of coaches and just trusting herself – her experience and uniqueness. 

This is where mindset plays a crucial role. ‘When your mind is convinced, you find your way out eventually’, believes Melanie.

Playing The Business Mindset

Melanie’s fitness journey was about losing excess weight and maintaining it. From a personal goal to developing motivation to help the world achieve their best health, Melanie has not just started a coaching business, but an endeavour to change lives. For a beginner, it simply starts with a few minutes of movement every day. 

Mindset is the key – not just for starting a business but also for being successful in life! Melanie recommends everyone to cultivate a mindset that aligns with their goals and vision. For Melanie, success doesn’t mean never having to work again. Success is about having a crystal clear vision about what you want, taking the necessary steps to make progress and working towards it. If you have the right mindset, half the battle is won! If you bring the right value, the money will follow. 

If you are looking to start your business, take in Melanie’s friendly advice – ‘Find someone in your industry that has done what you want to do and learn from them. Also, stay persistent. It takes time, consistency and dedication.’

Stay tuned as Melanie is the go-to fitness coach for any aspiring fitness goal. She has an e-book coming out and is currently working on some fitness programs to fit a wide variety of fitness levels and needs. Follow Melanie on Instagram for release details and more updates!