Recovering from heartbreak and healing from the past can be a difficult journey to initiate, many are unsure of how to start or where to turn. Melanie Verstraete at Heart Centered Academy has made it her goal to guide people on their journey. 

Melanie helps people struggling from past relationships to rediscover their worth and break free from negative cycles that have been keeping them from living a life of fulfilment, confidence and self-respect. She has made it her mission to help people retrain their minds so that they can find inner peace and self-worth, attract the right partners who will love them and garner the respect they deserve. 

Heart Centered Academy provides a high-touch experience that is direct in their approach and holds their clients accountable, always operating from a place of integrity and honesty, helping their clients to understand their behaviours in a professional and trustworthy manner, while providing real results that last and help create permanent change. 

Melanie provides a detailed program that works on each person’s subconscious mind so they can become the person they really are. Melanie helps to change patterns that are constantly attracting negative people into her clients’ lives, stop people from self-sabotage, putting other people first and have trouble setting healthy boundaries with toxic people. 

Melanie herself has overcome toxic relationships and had been forced to self reflect, making some hard realisations about herself. She saw many therapists to help understand her past emotional blocks, but they all focused on the surface-level conscious mind while ‘neglecting the roles that our subconscious plays’. Her subconscious was working against her and wasn’t in alignment with ‘universal laws’. 

Since releasing her program Unleash Your Greatness, Melanie has helped herself and others to; rid themselves of the negative self-talk that was destroying their confidence, unhealthy boundaries that left them emotionally drained, toxic relationships and a lack of self-respect. She works with clients that need her help to overcome these obstacles that hold them back from the life and relationships they deserve. 

The program digs deep into foundational goal setting and helps people understand why they keep making negative and destructive decisions. It helps clients train their brains to create good habits that propel them forward and understand the abilities of their subconscious while manifesting the life their heart truly desires. Melanie also helps her clients to control the vibrations they give off to display a better self-image and use their fear healthily to get closer to their goals. They learn to master their attitudes, become their own boss and perform their best at every task they decide to partake upon. The program helps others to transform into a person who attracts love, money, health and freedom while being kind and harnessing their energy for good.

Unleash Your Greatness is a 12-month program that provides two live sessions each week where clients can ask questions and go deeper into their program content that they receive unlimited access to, detailed workbooks each week and a community of like-minded people going through the same transformation in their own lives. 

To find out more about Melanie and Heart Centered Academy, visit her Instagram or send her an Email