It’s not every day that an audience comes across an artist or musician, who has personalized their own song. Frankly speaking, it’s not a very common thing. Singers, musicians, thespians, and others have a way of consistently giving nutritious energy to members of their audience. Everything is for the audience. For the audience. For the audience. Yet, rarely are entertainers and musicians expected to give things for ourselves. Rarely are we allowed to keep things for ourselves. Ah! There is a forbidden nature to it all. So, here comes the “troublemakers.” Here comes the artists, who dare to shake things up and dream. Through it all, they set the trend for something new. They give us permission to change things. Shatter outdated traditions. Break things. Yes! Here they come; all the while granting us the opportunity to dream.

So, here comes, “the Blues.” It’s coloring has been associated with sadness. Right? Yet, more and more we are seeing how we gain to come with a happier hue. The color Blue is aligned with the Earth’s natural remedies. There are her waters and air. The Earth brings a suitable timing for those, who wish to immerse themselves within her natural rhythms and beats. Yes. The Earth has that way about her. So, you see? There is some happiness in the Blues!

Let’s sit back for a moment and comprehend this. What does it take to create a Blues, just for you? How vulnerable must you be when it comes to writing a song, which highlights your intimacies and deepest vulnerabilities? How far are you willing to go in order to tap into those layers of vulnerabilities? That’s a question between you and the music, my Dears. NO one else can answer that for you. Of course, time mandates that we act, as we should. Every day should be a practice, when it comes to delving deeper into our emotional side. Every day should be a practice tool!

Back into one of the perfumes for Black America’s gardens, we enter into the world of Blues music! Just keep in mind that within these gardens, Blues music is not always performed with a tonality of sorrow. In fact, sometimes the vibe (and tone) can bring a rather upbeat and jolly vibe! Yes. That also exists!

Here we have it, Baby! We are beatin’ to “Melba’s Blues!” Through such a Bluish tune, things are sure to evolve into a more lively beat. We are very blessed to have received this composition. For in this regard, we are granted the power and ability to gain a glimpse into the poetic journey (and story) of one woman. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The questions begin to rise! What were her pains? What were her sorrows? How did she manage to journey through this particular point? What did she have to release in order to soar, higher?

Yes, Darlins! It feels so good. It’s a song, with your name in it. Through that very phenomenon, alone, a person is able to gloat in music’s artistry. Music is a glowing phase. It is a harmonious phase. So, let us phase into Melba, and the wearing of her personal, Blue!

Melba Liston