For the benefit of my audience a memoir is a historical account or biography written from personal

knowledge or special sources. My life has been short of ordinary but like all of you it has had its ups and

downs, glorious moments and painful times. Growing up life was hard my father passed away when l

was just five so l barely knew him. With a single parent things where hard, l feel like the great authors of

the past who said, “everything that l am or ever hope to be l owe it to my mother”. I did not get all l

wanted but mum made sure l got everything that l really needed to have a bright future.

Growing up was hard, we would move from place to place failing to raise rent and even school fees. We

stayed in Highfields, Chitungwiza, Machipisa, Canaan Western, Kuwadzana 4, Kuwadzana Extension,

Hatfield, Avondale and currently Mount Pleasant. The primary schools l attended were: Munga Primary,

Highfield, Tynwald, Kuwadzana 4, Widdicombe, Kuwadzana 5 and Avondale.

O Levels at Chinhoyi High and A Level at Speciss College in Harare. I came to Solusi University and in my

second year failed to raise the fees. So l quit, giving up is the easiest action you can take but it’s the one

you will most regret. I went and worked in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and spent

three years without even seeing my family or coming home. I worked as a cashier, barman, grape

harvest person at a wine farm, pizza delivery boy, call center agent, secretary, retail cashier, fuel

attendant, assistant manager at an Italian restaurant and junior accounting clerk.

I came back to Zimbabwe and got an internship at ZESA and then returned back to Solusi University. It

has taken me nine years to finish a four year degree but looking back l can smile. There is light at the

end of the tunnel, I can safely say, Ebenezer-GOD has led me this far and He is able to finish the good

work HE started. GOD has done far more abundantly beyond whatever l imagined, all l needed was to

trust HIM and wait on HIM. That’s my story, so what can l say as l look back and to help you out as you

write your own story, TRUST GOD HE IS FAITHFUL.#