There are times when you become your own worst enemy! No where is this more apparent than in the dressing up arena- the garments and accessories that you carry could be seriously sabotaging your image!

Today I bring to you the top style mistakes men make when dressing up, how it affects them and how they can remedy it. Because hey, you are being watched. And judged!

Style Sin #1- Wearing sneakers EVERY WHERE with EVERY THING!

There is a reason why sneakers or exercise shoes are made- to wear while exercising! If you wear them under dress pants, shorts, jeans or chinos, you are defeating the purpose of the shoes AND committing a serious style crime (unless you are a pop star, model or an actor)!

What if Sachin Tendulkar walked on to the pitch in his uniform and leather dress shoes? Weird right? That’s what people think when they see you wearing trainers, sneakers or exercise shoes outside the gym!


  1. Invest in AT LEAST 3 types of shoes- sneakers for exercise, leather dress shoes for formal wear, and casual shoes like loafers or boat shoes to go with casual clothing.
  2. Sandals work wonders with shorts for an ultra breezy summer look!

Style Sin #2- Wearing low waist pants and jeans!

Are you wearing low rise trousers and jeans to the work place? Trust me you are not being taken seriously!

No matter what the fashion trends tell you low rise trousers just don’t make for professional wear. You can’t tuck in your shirt properly in a low waist trousers. When you bend or twist as you go through your day, the shirt comes out, the t shirt rides up, and every one can see which brand of under wear you prefer!


  1. Mid rise is your best friend! Your waistband doesn’t need to go all the way up to your belly button, but it shouldn’t be seven inches below it.
  2. In fact, a higher-waisted pant can do wonders for short guys.

Style Sin #3- Wearing ill fitting jackets!

There is only one way to carry a jacket with panache- be it a suit jacket or a sports jacket or a blazer- get it fitted!

A jacket that hangs off your shoulders, has too big shoulder pads, where the sleeves fall below your thumb or run up to your wrists, too tight from the chest and stomach or too loose are all wrong for you. It is better not to wear a jacket at all if yours doesn’t fit you like a second skin.

Remedy- There are a few things you need to take care of while buying a jacket.

  1. Check your size with multiple stores before buying a jacket. Ready to wear stores have slightly different fits for the same size and you may find a perfect fit at a different store than yours.
  2. If you are buying a jacket off the racks ask the store if they will do alterations. Most of them will agree to alter the sleeves and the waist, but shoulder width can not be altered as these are ready made styles. If shoulders are an issue, seek another style or another store, or get it custom made.
  3. Custom made jackets are your best bet for a fit for your particular body structure. Choose a tailor who knows what he is doing. A little research on the internet can tell you how a jacket should fit, and you can discuss that with your outfitter, or take his expert advise.
  4. Also make sure to check out the fitting before you pay for the tailoring- most of them will not agree for an alteration after they bill you.

Style Sin #4- Wearing socks with sandals!

This uncouth style went out a long time back, in fact it shouldn’t have come in as a style trend at all!


  1. Sandals go next to your skin.
  2. If it is cold enough to warrant socks, ditch the sandals too and wear proper shoes instead!

Style Sin #5- Not matching belt with shoes!

Brown belt with black shoes or vice versa, or a different coloured belt with your shoes is the biggest fashion faux pas ever! Also, don’t wear a casual belt with formal shoes or formal belt with casual shoes. That’s not done either!


  1. Match the material of belt and shoes. Leather belts with leather shoes, cloth belts with canvas shoes, etc.
  2. Match the colour of belt and shoes. Brown with brown, black with black, and so on.

Style Sin #6- Wearing too many accessories!

Most men are notorious for wearing gold chains, gold bracelets, rings on each finger AND shiny belts, watches and shoes, ALL at the same time! Do you realise how seriously it jeopardises your credibility?


  1. Wear ONE ring on each hand only.
  2. Gold chain should be hidden inside your shirt ALL the time. If its visible, either wear a long enough chain or remove it altogether, it has no place in a man’s formal wardrobe.
  3. Leave the bracelets for casual attire, and never wear a bracelet AND a watch any way. Too distracting.
  4. Make one accessory stand out. If it is your watch, make sure your belt is subtle. If you want to show off the tie keep the pocket square demure along with other accessories.
  5. Religious threads are important but you will not impress any one with them. Remove them as soon as the event is over.

Style Sin #7- Matching tie and pocket square EXACTLY!

I personally believe that the way a man carries a pocket square shows his character to the T! It’s a charming dash of masculinity. However a pocket square should never match your tie exactly either in design or fabric.


  1. To keep things interesting, pick a colour from your tie for a plain pocket square, or vice versa pick a colour from a patterned pocket square and wear a plain tie with it.
  2. Alternatively mix and match patterns of tie and pocket square while keeping it in the same colour family.

Style Sin #8- Wearing a fanny pack!

I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible that looks on a grown man! Also, take a cue from the description- the name “fanny pack” is derived from the way they were traditionally worn facing the rear above the buttocks, for which “fanny” is a slang term in the United States. That bulging bag will keep the attention to places you don’t want people to notice!

A fanny pack is also considered as mark of an out-of-place tourist, evoking the traditional tourist stereotypes known around the world, or regard them as an item worn by unfashionable or older people.


  1. Ditch the fanny pack for a cross body bag. Looks way cooler and still carries all the items you hold dear

Style Sin #9- Wearing T shirts with slogans and jokes!

These shirts are usually not that funny, and all they really tell people is that the wearer is immature. Cartoon characters can be cute, but usually not on a guy who’s past puberty. It doesn’t matter if you are attending a college alumni meet- if you are wearing a t-shirt with asinine slogans and jokes on it, rest assured that is how you will be treated. Is that really what you want, have people take you for granted and not taken any word you say seriously?


  1. Burn those chest prints and slogans! Wear classic tees like crew necks or henley shirts.
  2. Polo shirts can instantly up your style quotient and they come in wonderful colour combinations too!

Style Sin #10- Wearing skinny jeans!

There is fitted, and then there is skinny. Any jeans which sticks to your skin and shows off every muscle, fat deposit, and parts of physical anatomy is a big NO! Only men with extraordinary physique can pull it off, and that too if styled cleverly. Plus it causes serious health complications for men.


  1. Give away all the skinnies you bought just because you saw a mannequin wearing it or that’s the only style your favourite store stocks.
  2. If you want slim cut jeans think straight from knee to ankle, with no billowing in the thigh, and no creases at the ankle.

Originally published at on June 20, 2016.

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