Women are ‘Shakti’ (Power/Energy). I think women are more powerful than men in many aspects….emotionally, intellectually, spiritually…and maybe physically as well…nature has made them be mothers …they are the source and nurturer of life, which demands them to be the storehouse of power and energy…..I don’t think they are equal to men…they are superior (well, we can research…and yes, nature wants men to take part equally in the nurturing of life)…But sadly, as it appears, the mankind somehow has forgotten the fact because of some life-rituals and several other grave reasons…Well, men and women compliment each other..they complete each other.
Together we have to revive/rekindle the belief, the feelings, the fact, that got buried/doused somehow…in the course of time. In stead of telling that men and women are equal…I would say that men and women are powerful in their own ways…in their own interaction with each other and nature..let us find out (realize) our strengths and empower our weaknesses…Well, both men and women are equal elements of ‘Shakti’ (Power/Energy)…They represent two different ‘types’ of ‘Shakti’. Men-Women are two parts of a single design…they are like two wheels of the cart called “progress/development”..the cart is driven by the vision and hard work of humanity but both the wheels must rotate at the same speed, otherwise the cart of progress can’t go as fast or far as it should go…both men and women need to be cooperative, balancing and participating in all spheres of life..be it at home or at field/workplace..We – the men and women – are different, diverse and unique in most of our aspects but life grows and moves on only in equal mutual cooperation and participation..and we must not forget that every man has within him a feminine ‘nature/facet’ and so has every woman a masculine nature/facet within her…And we must find the delicate balance in our dealings with ourselves and with society at large…Anyway, I think it is actually wastage of time and energy when women have to fight for their right to be “equal” to men. Men are NO superior. It’s “high time” that we understand and accept that everyone (both men and women; boys and girls, and everyone) has same rights/access to the natural resources of life. We all have the equal basic rights to education, health, safety, entertainment, engagement in jobs/professions/activities and to every goodness of the society and life. I think that there is no scope of debate or argument or fight about the fact that none of the men or women should enjoy “extra” advantage(s) as far as the basic rights of an individual is concerned. None can create a force barrier. None can “deprive” anyone of their basic right/freedom to choose, decide, participate and act for the self and overall growth. True, many of the men who are ignorant about the importance/significance/functions and the greatness of the women and are insensitive, brutal, arrogant, dominant, unkind and non-cooperative with the women in their lives, must be taken to school and taught well… without any tinge amount of doubt, in the social arena we all must have equal rights/freedom to choose, decide, contribute and celebrate the glory of life…any illogical rule/restriction must not be allowed to take over the basic rights and essence of humanity that we all are part of..let the men and women complement, compete and complete each other in all arenas of life…in society, country and the world…Let not the ill-ethics, lying, manipulation, dark practices or negativity (around) win over the lights and positivity within…Men and Women, the Braveheart Together, make the life- the existence- the true celebration. Let the love, light, freedom, righteousness, success, happiness, harmony and peace prevail…in the kingdom of men and women…This is what I feel.
[The above is my impromptu opinion/comments on “Men vs. Women: Fight for Equality (against Inequality)”]