100% of women go through menopause.

There are approx. 13 million women in the UK experiencing menopause symptoms right now and around 50 million in the US.

Globally one in every 3 women are experiencing menopause symptoms.

So you’re not alone.

Menopause isn’t just affecting you at home — its affecting you at work too.

A study by the University of Nottingham showed almost half of the women interviewed felt their job performance had been negatively affected by menopausal symptoms.

The most common symptoms were low concentration, tiredness and poor memory.

And surprise surprise hot flushes were cited as a major source of distress too.

“Its like being cremated from the inside” is how one client described her hot flushes to me.

And do you know what, yes it is.

Because it starts from right inside you doesn’t it.

A spark of heat that builds and builds until suddenly you’re sweating and purple.

You’re fidgeting.

Jacket on, jacket off. Hair up, hair down.

It’s embarrassing. Especially if you’re at work.

Do you find yourself burning up in meetings or client presentations?

Are you the butt of office jokes? “Is it hot in here or is it just me ha ha.” Except it’s not funny is it?

So what can you do to get control of your hot flushes?

Well before you even start to look at what you’re eating or experimenting with supplements there’s a crucial step you’ve got to take.

You need to start tracking your symptoms to work out what your triggers are.

Indulge in your stationary habit and buy a beautiful journal or tap the information straight in your phone or laptop. Whatever works best for you.

But I’m telling you, you’ve to got to track your symptoms so you can work out what’s triggering them and then you can focus on managing or eliminating the trigger.

I am on a mission this year to transform the lives of 1000 women and I want you to be part of that.

So I’m running a fun, free, easy 10 day challenge to get you cooler, calmer, mentally sharper and most importantly feeling like yourself again.

Join us and benefit from the shared experiences and support of nearly 200 other women.

What do you think? Are you in?

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Originally published at medium.com