Nearly 1 billion people worldwide live with a mental disorder, yet 70% of the people in this category do not receive any medical treatment from health care staff. As if mental health was not already one of the most neglected areas of health worldwide, the covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation and heightened the need for a conversation about it. Therefore, it is now more critical than ever to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day.

Mental Health America (MHA) (at the time known as the National Association for Mental Health) established World Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949. Consequently, every year in May, mental health care providers sponsor events to ensure that this month is devoted to educating and building awareness in the communities. 

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Goodera has compiled a list of nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating people about mental illness and helping those in need. Take a look and consider contributing to the cause. 

1. Humanity Crew deploys mental health and psychosocial support

Humanity Crew’s primary purpose is to make mental health support a critical part of emergency response efforts for victims of humanitarian crises. It is an international aid organization offering mental health interventions to refugees and people in crisis. Besides intervening, they also provide support to improve their mental health, re-establish order in their lives, and prevent further psychological deterioration. 

You can follow their work on their  LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

2. Miricyl helps find the right resources and treatment

Miricyl aims to fund research and raise awareness of mental illness in babies, children, young adults, and families. Moreover, they provide people with mental illness guidance on accessing resources, services, and treatments. 

Connect with the team, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3. Medito Foundation  transforms mental health through the power of meditation

Medito Foundation believes in the power of mindfulness and meditation to improve mental health. To promote the same, they have built a nonprofit meditation app which comes with courses that will help you develop a strong meditation practice. Numerous sessions are available on the app, including breathing exercises, walking meditations, mantra meditations, and sessions for dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and low mood. 

You can follow the organization on LinkedIn,  download the app, and volunteer your services for them. 

4. ELF Empowers improves the mental health of young children through therapeutic tools

ELF’s mission is to de-stigmatize mental health issues and raise awareness. The organization promotes children’s mental health and wellness through educational resources and therapeutic tools. They spread the importance of early intervention and holistic treatment in promoting positive mental health among youth through awareness events. Additionally, they encourage families to recognize symptoms, rid themselves of the stigma and seek help. 

To learn more about the organization, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

5. Simon Communities Ireland uplifts the homeless population of Ireland

The Simon Communities Ireland is a nationwide network of 8 independent communities that provide housing and treatment services to people who are experiencing the trauma and stress of being homeless across Ireland. 

You can stay updated with their actions and programs by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you wish to support them, you can make a donation or volunteer for them. 

6. Youth Mental Health Canada(YMHC) provides financial support to young people with chronic mental disabilities

The YMHC is a community-based, youth-led non-profit organization devoted to mental health education, support, and advocacy. They strive to make positive changes within communities, families and youth. Their goal is to ensure culturally competent, trauma-informed mental health supports, services, and educational accommodations. 

You can connect with them through Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram

7. Saahas For Cause supports  for South-Asian Immigrant

A group of South Asians founded SAAHAS for Cause at the start of 2019 to help their community. They are aware of the risks immigrants have to take and the pressures they face to succeed and survive. As a means of support, Saahas For Cause provide wellness forums, educational events, support groups, and individual sessions. 

Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

8. Heal One World offers a variety of classes to heal one’s self

Heal One World offers holistic preventative healthcare typically not covered by insurance. It is a community resource that offers courses ranging from yoga to self-hypnosis, all to prepare individuals to be able to help and heal themselves. A low or no fee is charged for all the services, and no one has ever been refused service because of financial hardship. 

To know more about their courses, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

9. National Centre for Equine Facilitated Therapy (NCEFT) provides equine-assisted therapies

NCEFT is a pioneer and leader in equine-assisted programs around the world. With the tremendous power of the horse-human connection, they have been facilitating healing for thousands of Bay Area residents suffering from physical, cognitive, and neuromuscular disabilities and mental health concerns for over 50 years. 

You can volunteer your time to support their journey. Additionally, you can follow them on  Facebook to learn about their current program offering.

10. B Kind encourages the random acts of kindness

In collaboration with residents, volunteers, civic leaders, and business coalitions, B Kind’s mission is to empower communities to be catalysts for change & equal opportunity. Their focus is to design & implement programs with the help of community leaders, business establishments, corporations, and volunteers while providing vital resources. They enable communities to make a difference through programs that promote nutrition, wellness, education, & inclusion. 

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about their upcoming events. 

11. Alcott Center for Mental Health empowers individuals faced with mental health issues

In their book, Alcott imagines a society free of stigma, where everyone has equal access to care and resources. It meets the needs of people who have little or no income and are otherwise unable to obtain health care. The organization provides a range of services, including therapy, case and medication management, crisis interventions, trauma-informed art classes, and supportive housing for people dealing with mental health challenges. 

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay in touch with their work.

12. Sininauhasäätiö (The Blue Ribbon Foundation) provides homes to those in need

For the past six decades, Sininauhasäätiö has been providing homes to substance abuse and mental health rehabilitators, long-term homeless individuals, and people who have fallen on hard times. 

Various projects drive their work. The projects have two objectives: to provide assistance to the needy at the grassroots level and to carry out innovative development work. 

Further, the foundation seeks to influence society, raise funds, and provide meaningful opportunities for volunteers. 

13. Rcoz brings communities together through conversations

Rcoz aims to normalize conversations about mental health issues by recognizing and accepting that we are not alone on this journey. They provide an open platform that helps bridge the gap between people via short video stories. Through these peer-to-peer conversations and personal narratives, they help mental health survivors combat loneliness and promote emotional well-being in society. 

Follow their work on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

14. MeeToo Education encourages peer support among teens through an app

MeeToo’s mission is to provide help to everyone, everywhere, on a global scale. They are achieving this through a multi-award-winning app that helps make difficult conversations easier. This app offers digital peer support that is accessible, economical, safe, effective, and scalable. The app allows teens to learn how to support one another and seek out safe sources of information and expert assistance when they need it. 

Learn more about their work on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with Goodera 

There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to mental illness! It is a medical condition, just like any other. Yet, the term is shrouded in stigma, negative connotations, and misconceptions, making it easy to perpetuate the problem. Positive messaging will help us to overcome this stigma and educate the public. And these nonprofits are striving hard to do the same. 

Goodera supports this cause by showcasing these nonprofits and matching them with corporate volunteers eager to provide their services. 

We would love to feature your nonprofit. Talk to our team and share your impact story with us!


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