The issue of mental health has assumed alarming proportions. Not in this country but every where in the world that WHO has declared 10th October as Mental Health day.

It is not because of more stress, more discomfort, more tenseness but because we feel so much relieved, satisfied, assured or want to feel secured, satisfied, assured by addition to possessions, relations, ideas that we do not recognize the fact that brain operates though contrasts only.

We think as if discomfort generated by confusion, ambiguity, uncertainty has been removed or can be removed from the mind.

When we are okay with the feeling of ambiguity, confusion, uncertainty – the discomfort provides contrast to the new, to manifestation.

We have been cultured to believe that we can remain pleased, relieved, satisfied, if not now then in future when we get a good degree, good job, promotion, more money, possessions or by religious-spiritual ideas, activities.

This thinking keeps us in-

Waiting mode, we live superficially.

Frustration sets in as nothing can give you stable relief. New ideas, new options, new imaginations are continuously hitting your mind whether you succeed or fail at any point. The flow never stops.

Every time contrast is being created between ‘what you want’ and ‘what happens or what you think should happen’. You have to be comfortable with this contrast, this gap, this discomfort, if you call it so. This contrasting process is life, it never stops.

The comfortableness with contrast puts you on the fluid ground, the ground of all possibilities.

Brain can not see, visualize, think, experience anything, which is not a contrast including any feeling. Brain can not work without contrast. Desire, uncertainty, any problem, any disliked situation provide contrast to manifestation, to what you want. This is the endless process.

Just notice your pattern:

1. You are working as compulsion and seek relief by entertainments, holidays, intoxications, religious-spiritual ideas, activities.

2. You want to feel relieved, satisfied about result, about tomorrow now.

3. You resort to solacing ideas when you face irritating, discomforting situations.

4. When any difficult problem is solved or you acquire something – you think as if relief, pleasure you experience will be stabilised.

5. You think as if some one else (guru and so on) has solved the enigma of life as a comfortable end or is living as psychologically comforted.

6. You think as if you can find flawless choices and be relieved.

Just being aware of the pattern causes a short-circuit in the pattern. You are face to face with the fundamental resistance of being human.

You are on the Original ground.

One wants to remain pleased, relieved, satisfied. At relieving, pleasurable moments – the illusion, the laziness enters as if the relief, pleasure will stay.

To run to seek relief by entertainments, intoxications, religious-spiritual ideas, activities, holidays to escape the discomfort of irritation, uneasiness, uncertainty, compulsions at work you experience in daily life – is psychological laziness. One does not notice that one is psychologically lazy.

Hormonal activity in the body is balanced not when you feel relief by solutions, by acquiring something or by accomplishment – but when you are amazed to see the outcome as if it is a result of your experiment. Your every action is experiment. Otherwise you are busy in fitting the outcome to some comforting explanations including religious-spiritual. You miss the thrill of which each moment is made. Decay sets in. You miss the touch of the Original.