Sarahbeth Hartlage

The unprecedented incidents and events arising from the Covid19 pandemic only increase our mental anxiety and worries and affect our overall health and wellness. Everyone is unhappy in some ways as they struggle to adjust to the new ways of living. Maintaining a balance between protecting ourselves from infections and staying healthy is a daunting task because of the inherent contradictions in the recommended lifestyle fraught with various restrictions. However, we must learn quickly how best we can take care of our mental health by adjusting to the new normal, which is critical to stay healthy and fit and fight the pandemic courageously, says Sarahbeth Hartlage.

Having a routine in place by considering the present situation will give better control of our lives and significantly reduce the feeling of helplessness that builds stress. Having a direction in life will pacify the mind as you realize that life is still interesting and meaningful.

How to increase your mental resilience to overcome stress and anxiety will become clear from what you read here.

Limit your exposure to information and news

Although you might want to know the latest information and news about what is going around you so that you can make the right moves to stay protected, be careful not to consume too much information, many of which are contradictory, confusing, and often baseless. Information overload is dangerous as you will not make proper sense of it and feel confused, increasing your mental stress. Instead of filtering too much information, limit your exposure by consuming information and news at specific times of the day in limited doses. Moreover, focus only on limited information from official, authentic, and reliable sources that give the correct picture and guidance about the pandemic.  Filter out the information to concentrate solely on those that you find helpful. Avoid sensational news and disturbing images that can upset you.

Involve in interesting activities

 Prolonged confinement at home can be highly monotonous and make you feel sad. To prevent boredom from getting the better of you, choose ways of engaging yourself in various physical activities instead of staying stuck to a place for a long time. Choose some exciting activities that you can enjoy with your family, and even playing with your kids in brief spells will increase your feeling of attachment and drive away from the fears of isolation. Staying busy with some hobbies will help you forget the stressful environment, and the closeness with your family will provide the mental support that prevents stress buildup.

Pay attention to your body and mind

Your overall wellness depends on how happy you are with yourself. Besides looking after your mental health, pay attention to your physical health too. The right balance between your mental and physical health is key to your overall wellness and wellbeing. Take control of the situation by practicing mediation that teaches you to stay aware of everything happening around you but without feeling its effects.

The more strength you derive from within, the happier you will lead your life in a new way.