When national workforce of critical thinkers and complex problem solvers shine on economic activity real national wealth emerges; daily news on mental health crisis in Western economies is now raising flags on outcome. National wealth always requires high-level mental performance. It’s time to address issues of extreme anxieties, depressions and fears amongst workers of the nation. The work forces are the real or at times the hidden wealth of the nation, their stress ignored and anxiety abandoned now creating visible cracks in national productivity.

Money is not everything, productivity is; Profit is not everything, performance is and short term shareholder sovereignty is not everything it’s the longer-term sustainability and social responsibility that’s becoming everything. Relaxed and healthy workers are where prosperity of future will blossom. The more is the influx of robotization the more the demands of strong healthy minds. Bureaucracies are for the past, high speed mental performance is for the future. A brand new thinking must emerge.

Global Perspective: Population-Rich-Nations are often puzzled why Knowledge-Rich-Nations with high standard of living have such high suicide rates. With billion new and young entrepreneurs on the March mostly in Asia the West has major challenges on upskilling as trade wars are not the long term solutions. Some 100,000 Entrepreneurs carved out the global image supremacy of American entrepreneurialism that lasted over 100 years and now a new wave is in incubation. Nevertheless, futurism is workless and no nation would be able to claim superior economic performance without happy working citizenry with complex problem solving and controlled mental health issues.

Western Perspective: How the West forgot humanistic inter-phase with cyber-electro-ergonomics; the once mighty middle class, small and midsize business economy, the working citizens mostly abandoned and left with run of the mill education without tactical training surrounded by fake economies, therefore today, depression, stress and mental-health tops as major problem at work in Western economies, neither worked the Viagra-sunrises, Cannabis-high-afternoons, nor the slow moving Opioid-sunsets…

Now, a perfect storm appears.

March of billion: Come next 1000 days the global economic stress levels may force crowding on boulevards of the world. Workless, jobless, and officeless, tired they march…never ever in the history of mankind assembled such number of once mighty, highly skilled, educated and experienced subjected to replacements by their own technological advances. The march of the billion unwanted workers will ring alarms in every political chamber of the world.

Why is futurism so workless? Robotized and artificially driven technologies will cunningly steal all “manpowering” of the laborious-routine working but frightfully leave alone the “humanpowering” the untouchable high value contributions of human intelligence on “creative and critical thinking, complex problem solving, and global age understanding of collaborations, with diversity, tolerance and mental endurance to manage all such tactically as an entrepreneurial warrior” Masters of robots are new-global-age-learners. Slaves of robots are deniers of change

Technology is never to blame: Political leadership in most developed nations addicted to oil and hype of globalization blatantly ignored deeper studies of futurism of workless. Today, upskilling on complex problem solving and multidimensional thinking must become a national mandate for economic survival.

“Manpowering” muscle and body played a key role in processing now for the robots

“Humanpowering” where genders use mental agility as a superior driving force in processing

Futurism of high-level commerce is mental gymnastic driven productivity without offices in wide open tactical battlefields of minds while low-level commerce slips in the grips of robots, replacing some billion office workers mostly in developed nations call for bold debates and national agenda. 

Critical Observations: Why old education system around the world needs urgent replacements with new global-age transformation? Why artificial-intelligence-centric world cannot afford analog-centric thinking leadership at any stage? Why upskilling million local enterprises to stand up to global standards may save a national economy? Why old systems in majority nations visible as liability on national productivity, burden on emerging youth and entrapment to undermine hidden entrepreneurialism, rotten from the inside damaging economic philosophies still accepted in the silence of the day.

Danger Signs: In coming weeks, Corona Virus may shut down normalcy for 50% office workers around the world. Sadly, any prolongation will directly impact the senior and middle management for being always needed on top of the organizations, their absence may trigger bureaucratic evaluation on their real value creations; this combination of automation taking over replacing the importance of physical-presence-of-management to just remote-mental-performance in absentia, new equation demanding new thinking on people and space come into picture. The global shift has already started. Only complex problem solvers have a chance as the rest of the entire staff on any skyscraper now sorted out over automation.

A wake-up call for economies of the world: mental health equates national wealth Rethinking, re-prioritizing, reinvesting and reinventing invest-able all over again.