Mental health plays a pivotal role in a person’s overall health, as stated by WHO’s ‘Comprehensive Mental Health Action plan 2013-2020’ attributed by the decision making authority of the WHO, World Health Assembly.

There are numerous bodies taking an initiative and objective being strategized which are subsequently being addressed in respect of social detriments of mental health, increasing access to intensive care and certain activities which provides active base of mental health usually in workplaces.

Therefore, work is supposed to have a critical influence on a person’s mental health. There are numerous factors affecting a mental health of a specific person working in a specific place. Unemployment is one of the factors that have impacted the mental health of workers.
However, irrespective of that a negative working environment is also said to effect the mental health to an extent as it results in both physical and mental exertion which leads to the use of harmful substances such as alcohol, nicotine and drugs which often leads to loss of productivity and adverse health conditions.

Situations at Workplace which leads to Mental Health Issues:

Work is a fundamental part of mental health, although negative working environment is injurious to both physical and mental health as stated above.

As per the statistics the impact of depression and anxiety on the economic activity is to be estimated to around per US$ 1 trillion per year which is due to the loss in productivity.

Harassment and Bullying at Work:

There are various situations at the workplace which has lead to the mental health issues of an individual one of the situations is that of harassment and bullying at work which has driven to substantial impact on the mental health.

As stated depression and anxiety disorders are faced by large number of people as this affects their ability to work and lose their productivity in working scenarios.

It is reported that around 300 million people suffer from depression and anxiety around the globe which is usually responsible for causing severe disabilities and issues.

The harassment and bullying at workplaces are evident of creating a long lasting impact on both the employee and the company as it causes the company to lose the biggest asset of their employee.

The productivity of employees can decrease due to insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders.

However, the organizations can take prominent steps to deal with the cases of harassment and bullying in numerous ways which will be discussed later in the article. Moreover the use of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 can also be seen in constraining the mental health of their workers.

Low Levels of Support for Employees:

The support provided by organizations to their employees is rare which often lead to poor mental health of the employees which causes irritability, poor concentration which often leads to more workload which makes a worker anxious and depressed.

The low levels of support for employees usually result in loss of concentration and fatigue which creates a negative impact on their condition. Thus, the support from employer can create a balance as this would create a happy place for their work purposes.

The support from the organization can be built by keeping intact the employees and their working structure, to be able to give clear and concise tasks which are not disorganized and unsatisfactory.

Inflexible Working Hours:

Long hours of work can be seemingly hectic and filled with work-load; this can create a huge impact on the mental health of a worker. As working continuously puts a load on the worker which causes them to exert themselves to an extent that would make them incapable to perform optimum tasks.

However, not working for the desired time also forces the employees to get in the thought of being laid off due to not completing their working hours.

Thus, it is usually an organization’s responsibility to look over the issues that their employees are concerned with in order to provide them with a safe working environment.

Medical science suggests that working consequently for hours can result in mental health problems such as fatigue, loss of appetite, confusion and depression.

Thus it is advisable that organizations believe in not including long working hours and excessive dealings that results in mental concerns to improve the performance at work and be able to generate increasing amount of revenues.

Steps to maintain mental health at workplace:

There are various ways in which the mental health at the workplace can be maintained through various programs designed for maintaining their mental health. The campaigns can be started in order to create awareness in the outskirts of workplace so every employee is able to take care of other employees.

The art of these are usually corresponded with certain policy makers and certain human resources manager who are able to recognize and prevent certain risk factors that are related to work and also hinder mental health.

There are numerous ways in which the campaigns can be run through, the use of Microsoft Office Professional 2019, can be used in order to promote campaigns, look out for survey in offices on MS Word, Excel. Moreover, MS PowerPoint can also be used easily to cater presentations in order to maintain awareness regarding mental health and how it is necessary.
Moreover, the organizations can also look in the ideas to create recreational activities for their employees, which include vacations with their families, paid trips and office parties which increases the confidence in them and makes them happy.


Mental health is the most fundamental aspect of a human being as it helps people overcome their daily routine lives and work on them. Mental health in workplace should be protected as it provides the organization to generate large amount of revenues.

As a toxic work environment can be really corrosive to mental health so every organization should look onto ways to improve the environment by taking correct measures. As a good management go hand in hand with great employees and mental health is best controlled when communicated about.