Like many professionals, I live a very fast paced life; I travel constantly to different time zones and climates, I go wherever I am needed whenever I need to be there. I made this decision of sacrifice, to be everywhere all at once, because I was determined to start my own business and to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Although I have an incredible support staff in both Los Angeles and New York, there are times when I need to get on a plane across the globe without any time to make another decision, so I am constantly adjusting. On top of this, I am a single mom, so work/life balance is crucial to my inner peace. I realize I am not alone in this quest for balance and strive to ultimately operate in the best capacity. The core of my belief system is that I am a woman first with a career, as opposed to being defined as a career woman, I put myself as a person before anything else, this is the key to good mental health, putting yourself and your needs before every other aspect of your life.  My goal is to live life as a woman who is determined to exist as the best version of herself – which means feeling grounded, centered, and not being swayed by the whirlwind of travel, outside energy, toxic triggers, and high demands. In light of Mental Health Month, I find it the perfect time to share daily tips I have adapted in order to keep sane – and of course these work for men, too!

  1. The Morning Mantra.  Before I open my eyes, I thank the universe for a new day and recite my morning mantra. It’s simple, once a week choose your three words to define who you are for this week ahead.  This week I am Cherished, Chosen and Worthy.
  2. Shower mantra. The words you say to encourage you that you will have a day of ease. Let it flow, Trust the Process, Just know God has a plan, Let go of any negative thoughts or doubts.
  3. Write a letter of anything negative that is bringing you down especially negative people or interactions you come across in the work place, I probably interact with over a 100 people a day in my business so I need to quickly remove negative energy in real time. This is how I do it: write how you feel, read it and remind yourself that these thoughts don’t define you, in fact they are not who you are – you are a special beautiful person and worthy of all life gifts, so once you write those negative feelings out, tear up that letter of negativity and dispose of it.
  4. In the purse. Keep healing stones and crystals in your bag, as well as lavender spray, which is always a great reset. I have been carrying Onyx to stay grounded and rose quartz to attract love, as well as a clear crystal my best friend just gave me to attract clarity.
  5. Creative Journal: Set your intentions for the day, and take a moment to actually physically visualize them. The way you truly manifest is by truly seeing this vision in your mind.
  6. Set your intentions for ultimate happiness, create that visual snapshot, see yourself there. Personally, I take a visual vacation on the beach – I find myself smiling several times a day, every time I do this. 
  7. Stay away from technology during the magic hour, the hour before bedtime. Let your mind be free of distractions.
  8. Stay away from TV or any dramatic content before bedtime. This puts your mind at an unsettled place. Deepak Chopra taught me this one!
  9. Do not reach for your phone for the first 30 minutes of your morning. Listen to nature, listen to your inner voice, do a 3 minute guided meditation. 
  10. Ground yourself. I actually set a daily alarm for every 2 hours on the hour to physically ground myself. Close your eyes, sitting or standing, and tighten each part of your body from the waist down for 8 seconds – this is proven to literally ground you!
  11. Sleep is your savior!  Get your good nights sleep, you need sleep to give you the power to be mentally healthy!
  12. Forgive yourself, we are human. We all make several mistakes a day, this doesn’t define us.
  13. Self care, at least once a week. Between my direct neronfeedback doctor, Raiki, Acupuncture, cupping, hydro facials, etc., I make Tammy a priority weekly. A conscious action to cherish and choose myself.
  14. Mindfulness apps such as Headspace, Calm, Breathe, Insight Timer.
  15. Podcast – Brook Castillo, Hay House Meditations, and Deepak Chopra.
  16. Free your morning and evening mind. Make sure you give yourself an hour to prepare your day and an hour to wind down and pamper yourself before bed time.
  17. Be mindful of ‘escapes’ such as Social Media, TV and apps- they remove you from your place of mindfulness. Limit yourself to access them only when needed.
  18. Move in the way you want to be in the future, manifest through actions as if it is already there.