But how many times have you come across a doctor who loves memes, looks like a dream and aims to spread positivity wherever he goes? Meet celebrity doctor Jarett Schanzer, an anesthesiologist who is winning hearts one IG post at a time.

Dr Jarrett was born in New York City and grew up in Holmdel, New Jersey. He was always a happy child but an unfortunate incident at the age of nine changed his life forever. He was a victim of a plane accident; but luckily, he survived. “Ever since the day I walked away from a plane crash, I have learned to understand and appreciate the value of life; and aspire to help others live a long, healthy life,” Dr Jarrett says. 

Schanzer knew since a young age that he wanted to become a doctor. “I always enjoyed a challenge. I wanted to learn the art of medicine; and share this knowledge to educate students and patients, and take care of those in need; I wanted to be able to perform small procedures while also being privileged to see incredible surgeries,” he said.  

Dr Jarrett worked exceptionally hard and got his Doctorate degree in Osteopathic Medicine, as well as a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, and a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology. He is also certified to practice aesthetic medicine botox/filler injections. Not only is he a renowned doctor, but Schanzer is also an aspiring public speaker and a social media influencer many look up to.

Success and happiness are not easy to achieve. It has taken a tremendous amount of work to get where I am today; and in my eyes, I still have a long way to go. If you truly want to be happy and successful, you have to be willing to make sacrifices, run on empty at times, and “triage” or prioritize your life tasks accordingly; while also making time for family/friends, yourself and your mental health, the gym, and of course sleep! The social media star that he is, Dr Jarrett has thousands of followers who look forward to his posts. A scroll through his feed full of gorgeous portraits, hilarious memes, and positive messages is enough to brighten up a dull day. Through his social media, Dr Jarrett inspires people to lead a healthy, free, and happy life full of fun, learning and laughter.

It’s a known fact that doctors save lives, but along with doing that, Dr Jarrett is also teaching people how to live.


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