pregnant woman

Women are the most wonderful people on earth. They are able to bring forth new offsprings to the human race. It is however never that easy. It involves a good nine months of some uncomfort, weight, special dishes, allergies, hormones, morning sickness and feeling lethargic.

And then there is the getting back to work after the delivery. It is a stressful period when you have to leave your three months old baby to the househelp and go back to work while your breasts are still sore. Not to mention that some workplaces are not tolerant to maternal women and will not give them the three months rest.

You are either with them or you go away when you deliver. Never to come back. In this post, we talk about how to get back to work without stress or any burnout. While it is surely a hard thing, we try to simplify it so that it is not too hard for you to do.

Inform your family members, boss and colleagues to get help

I always stress on the importance of asking for help when taking care of children. Especially when they are young. You will need the help so that you can sleep, dine away from home and catch a movie.

So when you are about to go back to work, inform your hubby, househelp and other kids that you are doing so. Ask them to chip in so that you can feel relaxed as you go back to work

In the workplace, you also need to ask for help from your boss and colleagues so that you are given lighter duties and allowed time to go breastfeed or catch some rest if the baby gave you a hard night.

Let your perineum heal and take care of your c-section scars

For whatever job you have been employed to, do not go back to work until your perineum is properly healed and if you had a c-section, make sure that all the scars are properly healed. Your job, you should know is not as important as you are. So, do not go back to the workplace just yet. Wait until everything is okay down there and your doctor can give you an okay.

If the job is more of physical, you might have to arrange to have your maternity period extended so that your body can fully recover. For mothers who had a c-section the doctor might ban you from physical or what is called manual jobs in totality. Listen to them since you want your body more than the job.

Be kind to your breasts

Most mothers would want to avoid breastfeeding so that they can continue looking petite and lovely. My dear, you and the baby want those titties sucked. The baby benefits alot from 6 months exclusive breast milk. On the other hand, you will want them sucked to feel relieved. At the same time, use warm water to massage off any aches and pains you might be experiencing.

Eat well to recover fully

Eat foods full of fiber and take lots of drinks. This helps your body in metabolism and good digestion. Good nutrition would also help you in recovering your body to its original form before the pregnancy and delivery.

Babies also take ions from your body such as calcium and iron and so you should supplement your body after the loss. Your nutritionist will help you with a diet plan that you need to follow.

Soothe any pain

Most women after delivery and have had an episiotomy will experience pain in their private part areas. To soothe this pain, doctors advise that you be in the habit of taking postpartum sitz baths that have been found to be of great benefit. At the same time, going to the toilet and using moisteners on your Tp have been found to be of good benefit to your body.