It is inspiring to note, there is a movement that has occurred in recent years that supports mentorship between new and emerging leaders.

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago, there were very few role models for women by women. Inspiration was gained through a willingness to learn, fuelled by a passion to succeed while making a positive contribution to our communities.

In the upper echelons of companies, executives were all blue suits and red ties, usually with the first signs of women in business in third tier positions, and most often by seasoned individuals with well over 20 years of experience within the organization. It was a frustrating time for anyone starting their career with a long term vision to contribute and aspire to a leadership role. The women’s movement started in the 60’s with many females in business paving the way for the next generation of business leaders. 

Thankfully, times are changing!

As an entrepreneurial coach, I have worked with many individuals who have climbed the corporate ladder in organizations with a mentor wearing a blue suit or skirt who assists with opening doors.

HeOrShe mentors creates an opportunity that I’d like to consider as “people supporting people” rather than a focus on gender roles.

We are beginning to see changes within the hallowed halls of business to ensure that the best leaders are mentored based on skill and innovation rather than a focus on gender.

Mentorship by its simple definition is a way to share experience, eduction and expertise. In today’s business climate, it also defies both age and gender.

It is a great connector!

Since the publication of my second book Breaking Barriers, I have come to realize that sharing stories from 10 Entrepreneurial Women is a powerful form of mentorship that supports one-to-one connections. 

Empowering individuals to pursue their dreams creates an opportunity to build a solid platform to develop our own formula for success.

Breaking Barriers has become my passion project and as I embark on an international edition, I will continue to share stories from business leaders in 10 different countries to inspire, motivate, and empower “people” in business on a global platform.

The stories will continue to feature successful women, as I believe we need to continue to lead by example. Sharing stories is a great way to continue the trend by inspiring others to fulfill their dreams.

Mentorship, is a powerful tool for success, at times providing a roadmap for others to embark on a journey that contributes to our communities through positive change. Regardless of gender, I’d like to encourage you to make a connection through mentorship that leads to personal and professional success.

Mentorship contributes to everyone’s corporate culture and breaks traditional barriers by developing new definitions built on business innovation, creativity and diversity.

It is important to embrace a vision; without our commitment, it would be impossible to “start a ripple that creates a wave of change.” 

I send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributes to a new mentorship movement; it starts in our communities and eventually enters our corporate culture.

I look forward to creating a new definition: Mentorship….sharing stories to inspire great ideas!


  • Trish Tonaj

    Author, Artist, Speaker, Founder/Host


    Trish is an, author, artist and speaker on mentorship.   She has published 2 books: Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. With a love for writing she has co-authored a complimentary e-magazine W2 = Wealth and Wellbeing. She is the founder/host for the #ShareYourStories series and invites you to participate with your feature.