It’s that magical time of year when all the unprepared people of the world start losing their sh*t. Or as the French like to say, “ou est ma merde de Noël?” Actually they don’t say that, but it sounds more refined, so let’s stick with it. Yes, it’s the time of year to truly fake being a caring human being. Want that parking spot? Well, golly, Happy Holidays to you, but nah… that spot is mine. Me first. Me. Me. Me. There’s really no sugar-coating it. The holidays bring out the worst. You’ve been on the receiving end. You’ve likely been a perpetrator too.

Stress levels can easily go north – not in a jolly-north-pole way, regrettably. Calendars fill faster than anyone can effectively handle. Your bank account hemorrhages at a rate that launches your financial anxiety into the stratosphere. And you’re just getting through the Black Friday nonsense. Pausing to enjoy your morning coffee? Not likely.

Sounds like a super festive time, right?

The big question is why does this happen?

It’s quite simple. Too many of us fail to plan, stay disciplined, and keep on top of tried and true daily practices. These seemingly simple tactics are what hold the most successful people together. These are the people actually enjoying their holiday season with the people around them. They aren’t sacrificing their business or productivity either.

Is this magic?

No. This is the work of people who have infused accountability into every aspect of their lives. Let me explain.

Accountability is key.

Having someone lined up to really hold you to your goals makes all the difference. Whether you plan to start a new project, tie up loose ends, or simply maintain steady progress through the next couple of months, knowing there’s someone on your team can provide you with just the right mix of comfort and drive to come out strong on the other side.

Plus, there’s no better self-esteem booster than having another human being telling you that you’re losing it… be it your focus, your mind, or all of it. And hey, better me than your jolly in-laws, or your too-much-eggnog-already sister.

Remember, you are responsible for your energy.

This is a major point that many people are quick to forget… especially during times of high stress. You are the sole responsible party for the energy you bring into any given space or situation. Even when you’ve been forced to listen to Sara humming her holiday tunes since late October – no one is coming to save you. You’re still responsible!

No matter the reason for being stressed or worn down, only you have the power to fix it. This is one of the defining mindsets that separates the average person from the top achiever. Successful leaders own their energy.

Showing up to that team meeting with a scowl? Great job spreading the cheer; the team is going to love you! Your energy has the amazing power to impact someone else’s entire day. Think about that.

Mindfulness is always necessary.

During the buzz of the holiday season, it is common for people to let mindfulness sneak out the back window. “I’m soooo exhausted after all the late night holiday parties!” Or how about “I still have sooo much to do: shopping, baking, decorating, not to mention the massive pile of work accumulating on my desk!”

Me, me, ME.

A time of giving and simple joys is quickly overcome with selfishness. And that, dear reader, is a definite way to completely lose sight of what matters most in your life. Successful people will ALWAYS take time to concentrate on mindful leadership. Whether that’s within the realm of their business or in the way they lead their personal relationships, focusing inward and on the people around you will make all the difference. Staying grounded begins with mindfulness.

Remember when I said “Peer pressure is a choice”? This is the perfect time to surround yourself with people who inspire you to stay the course. Be like them.

So, what about you? Are you losing your merde?

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