How can a person merge with the Moment?

This Moment is not limited to the local moment of activity around me, perceived by the physical senses.

It extends beyond that circle of awareness to the greater Moment, the Void consciousness, the substance of space. For some, it seems conceptual and abstract. For those who have learned to feel intuitively, it can be more actual than the most solid of forms.

For a continual merge with the Moment in consciousness, intimate awareness of one’s inner landscape is essential.

Having no resistance to the local moment and being merged with the greater Moment (Void consciousness), is a state of bliss. It is the ultimate awakening.

Knowing when the slightest resistance first arises within, I can dissolve it by letting it go and, drawn by love, merge with and beyond it to the universal Moment.

I may think I know me, but unless I can detect and dissolve the smallest nuance of resistance within – mental, physical and emotional – I don’t really know myself.

Gnothi Seauton (Know Yourself)

[At the heart of much of Gnosticism] ​was the concept of γνῶσις (gnosis), knowledge in the sense of wisdom and deep understanding, rather than the memorization of many simple facts. Key to this γνῶσις was self-knowledge, hence the Delphic maxim γνῶθι σεαυτόν (gnothi seauton), the exhortation to know yourself.’ – Eclectic Light

​Like almost anything of this nature, ‘knowing yourself’ is by degree. The masses of humanity know themselves to a lesser degree. Mastery of the moment requires knowing yourself, myself, ourselves, to a greater degree. In that greater degree, the nuances of resistance within become clear.

Now, this resistance is not meant in the same way as when the word is used for physical fitness. In that case, resistance to build muscle mass is useful. Resistance to disease of course is beneficial, and sometimes resistance towards domination is an appropriate response.

Resistance towards the local moment refers to whatever is happening in the surroundings, and the resistance in one’s lower thoughts and emotions (which may be triggered also by memories or projections.) ‘Lower’ here means blocked from merging with the greater Moment.

Wanting what one doesn’t have can be a form of resistance towards what one does have. Wishing can be a form of resistance towards what one does not have. Resistance often arises in a very subtle, almost undetectable, way. It seems so minor, so insignificant, or so ‘normal’ that it is dismissed.

Any escape from the local moment is resistance towards it, and that can include the use of substances, dwelling on the past or projecting with anxiety, longing or expectation towards the future.

​Feeling bored? Is that resistance to the moment?

Such resistance often can be detected in body language. A person dwelling on the past or longing for an imagined future may turn blank or absent-minded. If the persona is stressed by what is happening in the local moment, the body may cringe or withdraw for example. Then is the opportunity for letting go of resistance and merging with the greater Moment. It is simple, but not necessarily easy – because the persona may feel too overwhelmed or defensive to let go.

Tools for Merging

Vigorous body movement can help shake one out of their stiffness or emotional numbness. I bounce on a rebounder while chanting ‘Ho rama hae ha, Ho rama ha. Ki te re rama ko rama ka.’ It is a chant given to me by the inner voice when I crossed a meadow on the upper slopes of Mount Shasta in northern California. The meadow was once used by native people for ceremonies. I also hang upside down on an inversion table, breathe deeply and tone with long syllables, ‘A…. O….. Mm…. Ah…. U (ooo)…. Mm…’

I am not suggesting you necessarily use the same chants. You may, if you feel drawn to them. Or you may find your own toning, chants, or other useful tools. I have found that tools, techniques and systems come and go in usefulness on my journey of awakening, so I am not attached to them.

The Whole Human site introduces several tools which can be helpful for merging with the Moment, such as the 9 Elements of EmpowermentHeart Breathing and Meditative Living.

What are some more indications of lost connection with the Moment?

Paying attention to one’s body language gives useful clues. When clinching or closed up inside, in aversion or defense, a person can talk to the pain in this way, ‘Thank you for your service. I have grown and am no longer in need of you. I release you to the Void.’

Low self esteem and the inner critic can be forms of resistance towards one’s story of oneself. Athletes may ‘be in the zone’ (similar to merged with the moment) for the time of their performance. But, before and after, it is another story. The mastery meant here is continual in every (local) moment.

The harder the local moment is to bear, the greater the mastery when merging with it – and beyond, to the universal Moment. Therefore, those hard moments become great gifts.

When a person is merged with the Moment, every moment is equally sacred. There are no especially Sacred Sites, as everything is sacred and alive. The importance of such things as image, social status, political power and economic success fades and whatever I do, whether carrying a bucket of toilet compost or working on a pet project, has the same value when I am in love with the Greater Moment.

Which moment is mastered – the local or the greater? 

Both the local moment is mastered, so that it does not become a hindrance ‘on the path’ by overwhelming the persona  – and the greater Moment is mastered in that the persona merges with and contains it. They are a continuum of each other and only separated by limited awareness. Mastering the moment expands awareness.

This mastery is available to all. Life has designed humans with the potential for such mastery as an innate quality, an inherent potential. To this time we are living in, few if any have developed it to the full. Now, with the shifts which are occurring on Earth, there is a window of opportunity for many to become masters of the moment.

Masters of the moment, being merged with Void consciousness and the highest (most complete) frequencies of the One Being, have access to the loftiest qualities of humanity such as compassion, unconditional love, wisdom and selfless service. Consider the effect of even a few masters emerging on Earth.

Making the World a Better Place

There are many who feel urged to ‘make the world a better place’ but none who’ve known fully how to do it. Countless organizations, movements and systems have sprung up with that general intention as their mission. Some even have had an impact. But any action intended to ‘make this a better world’ will ultimately fail unless individuals are at the same time merging their personas with the Moment. Even a few merged individuals, who by nature would act only from a perspective of wisdom and selfless service to the Whole, can make a world of difference. Otherwise, the best intentions fall apart amidst conflicts of resistance points.

On the other hand, alleviating the pressures and stress of the struggle to survive also gives a renewed breath to those who would merge, but could not because of overwhelm. Therefore, thoughtful activism has its place.

​For that reason, I agree with the principles of WeAgree.Life which begin:

We the People of planet earth are gathered here on the Internet, to Agree to give every Human on the Planet equal choice on how to live in harmony as diverse communities and cultures, and live in autonomy as individuals.

My partner and I, though not resisting what we have or don’t have (grin) are also drawn to live in harmony in a diverse community where we can bring in our gifts and skills and creative expression. Community is meant here as a gathering of equals, being supportive of each other and celebrating together the joyful journey of human awakening. It is living together, but not necessarily in a communal way, with respect for each individual’s needs including for creative expression and occasional seclusion. Contact is welcomed.

The next Buddha probably won’t take the form of an individual, but rather one of a community that practices understanding and good will. – Thich Nhat Hanh

“The Dao that can be spoken of is not the constant Dao.”

Daoist and Buddhist transmissions are without characters, reason why the teachers of the past would not allow their students to take notes of their lectures. They are transmissions of powers, an energy transmitted that carries wisdom, not a transmission of language. The living Buddha in Tibet, when touching the devotees’ crowns, what does he say? He utters nothing at all. We must not use our thoughts to contemplate the wisdom, which “they” use.  Our language of the third dimension is simply unable to express their wisdom. – 

The next step of humanity is coming out of the hierarchy and the programmed illusion. All that is written here is just an expression of something which cannot be fully expressed. There is an unfolding, a stream of potentiality, which emerges from the center, the essence, the Presence, and returns to it. We are in that flow, and that is all.

The words came to me one morning when awakening from the night, ‘Rather than Exert Power, Emanate Presence.’

Hating People

In the online discussion group called ‘An Empath,’ a member posted: Does anyone here ever just get “sick” of people? Not just 1 said person. But just people in general.

At the last count, there were 750 comments and 1.8k ‘Likes’ and ‘Loves.’ This discussion thread can be seen by joining the group and clicking the link here.

My Comment

It is understandable that an empath would be intolerant of others at times, but we are here not to give in to this separation of the mind from the ‘other.’ Rather, our calling in general, I feel, is to master our own resistance.

We have a choice to master the local moment, that is, what can be perceived by the limited physical senses.

When we master the local moment, it no longer has dominion over us. We merge with it and there is no resistance.

Being sick of people or hating people is simply our own inner resistance, and we can work on that.

There is an opportunity to go beyond mastering the local moment and expand to the greater Moment.

That is when we merge with Void consciousness and begin to fulfill our highest (most complete) destiny.

A Reader’s Response to My Comment

When you are in true recognition of the fact that you have the ability to continually master your own resistance, for that moment you are home! It is absolutely my greater calling, which ensures my arrival at my highest potential possible, the absolute and only way for me to fulfill my true destiny.???

Personal Mantra

For this inner work, a personal mantra can be a powerful tool. Here are some mantras to consider. Reword, re-order, and revise them according to your needs.

I let go of resistance.
I am grateful for what is.
I merge persona with the Moment.
I am the Void.
I just be.

At this moment, I simply say or think, ‘I let go of resistance. I merge with the Moment.’

Let me know what works for you!

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