Loved ones, families and friends are gathered together to celebrate a sacred holiday.

Some believe, others don’t. Regardless, connecting with our loved ones is what matters.

Many wish they could feel and see their reason for life, the people and connections that matter the most. 

Instead, they accept a reality which is beyond their control. 

Sacrifices which make no sense at all to them as they see their loved ones disappear one after the other.

Sacrifices leaving them out on the streets while others are sleeping in a warm bed with a roof above their head.

They wonder why their existence is less than those of others? 

They wonder what their purpose is on this planet if suffering, pain, and loneliness is all they have?

No words can truly describe what the men and women feel, see and experience during their darkest moments in life. 

No words can capture the loneliness and disconnect they feel at times as if the world has forgotten about their existence. 

On the outside, we appear different in status, titles, functions, and looks. 

On the inside, we are the same humanity, a humanity which will always believe, hope and pray.

Wherever you are at this point and place in life, close your eyes and feel the pain and suffering of those far away.

Remember your blessings and wish them well. 

Help them to feel included in a society of exclusion. 

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

We are all trying to have a human experience in the digital era. Be human within you and beyond. 

Merry Christmas to all humanity. 

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