Revitalize Sports is shaking up the world of sports recovery drinks by providing an option that uses CBD to aid recovery.

A Bold New Recovery Drink With CBD

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery is an exciting new option for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone else in need of effective recovery following intense physical activity.

This recovery drink incorporates 20mg of CBD per serving to aid recovery. That’s on top of the essential vitamns and electrolytes that this delicious drink restores. Revitalize Sports delivers the sugar-free and low-calorie recovery that you need to live your life to the fullest.

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery is available today in both Lightning Lemon and Blue Bolt flavors and can be purchased online with free shiping anywhere in the continental US.

The Story Behind Revitalize Sports

Revitalize Sports was founded by current CEO Mersaydes Humphrey, along with her brothers Caperton and Paul Richard Humphrey. They built the company with help from their father, who had developed and sold his own beverage company decades earlier.

With their own insights into CBD and sports recovery, along with advice from their father on distribution and other business matters, the three siblings have successfully launched their flagship product, Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery.

They focused on this area because there simply wasn’t anything available on the market for those interested in CBD sports recovery drinks. While there are plenty of CBD sparkling waters and other beverages, nobody had yet capitalized on this niche.

It took years of research and development to finally find the perfect formula for their CBD recovery drink. The unique challenges of finding a balance of flavors that work with CBD while keeping the drink sugar-free and low-calorie were difficult to overcome, but they eventually reached their goal.

With their formulas decided, Revitalize Sports brought their CBD recovery drink to a wide variety of real athletes to find out just how they reacted. The feedback was phenomenal, with athletes loving the flavors and feeling great thanks to the effective recovery provided by this innovative drink.

Those who tried the drink noted specifically how great they felt the day after strenuous activity and workouts. The unique combination of CBD, vitamns, and electrolytes delivered just what they needed to feel their very best.

Now, Revitalize Sports is on its way, providing its delicious new CBD sports drink to the masses.

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drink is Available Now

Now that Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery has launched, the drink is available across the United States. Because the hemp extract contains CBD but no THC, it’s federally legal and can be enjoyed anywhere. Customers in the continental US can even enjoy free shiping on all of their orders.

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery isn’t just available online. They’ve also begun their retail rollout. Working with distributors, the drink will soon be available statewide in West Virginia, with distribution for further states in the works.

While it took significant research and development to settle on their two current flavors, Lightning Lemon and Blue Bolt, Revitalize Sports continues to look for new formulas and plans to expand their lineup of flavors in the future. 

The company is looking to locate additional manufacturing and distribution in other states. “We are looking to sign up chain stores and distribution companies. As we continue to grow, we are confident that we will obtain the necessary capital through stockholders to sell both domestically and internationally,” says Mersaydes Humphrey, CEO.   

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