Everything that blazes in majestic glory once had a season of darkness. The child in their mother’s womb. The seed that became a giant oak tree. The dawn that followed after a long night. Such is the case with YOU!

The times you are going through are serving a higher purpose – they are calling your attention to the exquisite beauty and genius, the creativity and brilliance that exists within you as your God-Self.

During this time you can begin anew. Almighty God/Source/Higher Self/Divine Intelligence will cause you to rise from the darkness. All you need to do is ask yourself what you truly want to experience in your life? What is your biggest dream?

Then one inspired moment at a time you will receive inner guidance to look up a certain person, or check something out online. You will have clear direction in the now moment as to exactly what you need to do to get you to exactly where you want to be. God takes care of all the details and connects you with all the resources you will need, yes, it WILL “just happen” as you walk into a store, or ring a certain person on the phone from the sudden inner nudges you experience that will lead you into glory.

God WANTS you to be prosperous! To shine as your grandest self. Let go of how it is all going to happen and come into agreement to allow you Higher Power to lead you in the direction you ultimately want to travel on.

Why are there dark times? So you can glean and experience the light as a result of those dark times. Without the darkness you couldn’t have experienced the light. This is not at all to be negative, however, some of your greatest strengths, and your greatest triumphs have come about as a result of overcoming a dark period in your life. Can you agree with this? If you can’t now you will soon enough.

Allow the Divine to work in your life. Keep being your best and please stop complaining because what you speak the universe repeats in your life’s experiences.

You have incredible gifts and talents that are dearly needed in this world. Perhaps you may even be starting to wonder if this is the time to bring them out? Yes, this is definitely the time, that is the reason for so much isolation! There is a light at the end of this pandemic, there is always a light after every darkness. If you can see yourself through my eyes you will come to know and realize that the dark times were vital to creating the brightest times.

Keep faith and follow the passion in your heart. If your can’t yet do it full time, just start where you are and do it part time until you CAN do it full time soon enough.

Trust there truly is a higher orchestration in the universe. You are part of this grand and wonderous orchestration. Your tears are not for naught. You will receive far more than your tears have shed. Perhaps your tears are the impetus of your incredible transformation and the transformation of millions of others. Yes, they definitely can be, and so can your passion and joy be the impetus of profound transformation for people all the world over.

Take this new year and fly with it from the bottom of your heart and soul. You will get to where you want to be, and I may add you will go even farther once you bring God into your life true miracles are created. It is God’s JOY to bring you miracles. So stop begging and start thanking in advance – it is then that you will see true miracles unfold in your life that even exceed your greatest dreams.

Trust, indeed, that everything really is getting better!

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