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Dear reader, I am here to share the light that radiates from my soul onto you. Thank you for stopping by.

I am here to remind us light beings, twin flames, lightworkers, healers, that we are here to help each other, in union with the help of all other non-earthy and higher cosmic beings. It is time to roll our sleeves and get to work, together, in unity. Isn’t this why we were granted light in the first place?

This message and suggestions are for all of us lightworkers. I am sharing these for us to remember:

1. Let’s Choose To Stay Focused On The Light and Truth.

This is a time to support and hold the space and energy for those awakened. It is also the time to give a hand to those who are not awakened. This is a time to send love and light and calmness to those in panic, and fear. It is time to help them understand that everything will be ok. Let’s take the time to explain to them what is happening and how it will be just fine and soon over.

2. Let’s Choose To Connect with Our Heart.

It’s time to connect with our heart, to go within and send love and light to everyone involved, to our planet. Meditate, pray, feel gratitude, take good self-care of yourself, and help those (all species) that need the most help when it is easy for you to do so. When it doesn’t require any extra effort. Remember we are here to provide guidance and support to those who can’t connect with their hearts.

3. Let’s Choose To Not Let The Fear and Illusions of Our Ego Confuse Us. 

Do not let the fears and illusions of the ego consume your day and thoughts. It is time to become the observer of where you put most of your energy, thoughts and time. Help those paranoid about the metrics of the virus to consider meditation, prayer or simply relaxing if they are not open to that. Help them deviate their attention and energy on the things that will keep them calm, healthy and positive. Help them see what they cannot see.

4. Let’s Choose To Discern.

It’s time to discern. This is now an imperative. Learn to discern who is light and who isn’t. Learn to hold hands with those who are light. Learn to see the truth behind the curtain of life and behind the filters of egos. Learn to understand what your soul is screaming for, What is our mother earth screaming for? What are our systems screaming for (educational, financial, etc.)? It’s time to change and we no longer have a choice. All industries will be disrupted. It’s time to unlearn everything we thought we knew and learn again from our higher self what needs to be learned instead. It’s time for us masters to guide ourselves only and strictly by the wisdom and teachings our soul is downloading and to share it back with those who are open to re-learn.

5. Let’s Continue To Raise Our Collective Consciousness with Love, Mastery and in Union.

I call upon all of us light beings to continue to raise our consciousness, to continue to send light and love to our planet. To help those that are willing to awaken to awake. To take their hand to help them raise their vibration. We need them more than ever. Their vibration will help us attain a tipping point and eventually help the collective consciousness reach new dimensions. Together, we will raise the collective consciousness and the chaos will disappear just as fast as it came as we reach a new state of balance again for a while.

With all the love and light of my heart.

Nathalie Virem


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