On a cool brisk early fall morning sleep was escaping me.  The covers in my bed were nestled against my warm body but I just couldn’t sleep.  It was early Saturday morning and normally I am up with an entire laundry list of chores and duties.  However, on the one Saturday that I have no pressing matters I cannot sleep in.  I am sure someone can relate.  I am up with my thoughts in the still of the morning.

So, I decide to get up out of my warm bed and venture to my living room to turn on the television.  The thought of turning on the television is a foreign concept to me as I am not a frequent television watcher.  Sleep surely has escaped me.  

When I do decide to watch television I am a lover of a good sappy love story.  I like to feel all the raw emotions that come from a good love story.  I am the one who will get totally absorbed by the story and mid-story tears fall as I have been smitten by love.

So, I stumble upon a movie entitled, “The Note”.  I recognized one of the actresses from a soap opera so I decided watch the movie.  In moments, I was sucked into this melodrama.  I love good story lines.  To my surprise, this movie began to give me so many messages.  I am a firm believer that life gives you lessons always but we must be in a posture to receive them.

I was up early for a reason. I did not have a schedule this particular morning for a reason.  I believe that in stillness we can hear all kinds of divine messages.  There is something about the early morning.  It is said often that, “the early bird gets the worm.”   I believe that the early riser will always get a message.  I know I often have. Watching this movie early in the morning proved to me yet again that sometimes the message comes when the airways are clear and your brain and spirit are at rest and still.  

The movie was about a journalist who was following a story of an airplane crash.  In her quest of following the story, a note found her.  This note proved to give so many valuable messages.  The journalist found the note that had drifted upon the shore one morning.  Hmmmm!!!!  There is something divine about the morning.  The journalist discovered that the note that found her was from one of the victims of the plane crash.  This journalist quested to find out who.  Ultimately, she did.  I encourage you to watch the movie.  I dare not spoil it for you. 

This movie helped me to understand more that messages are always being given.  However, are we in the position or mindset to receive them. What is life trying to show or teach you?  I believe every interaction and every situation has a message in it for you.  So, who is actually watching and listening. I know I am.

Life has taught me many invaluable lessons.  Some were harder than others to receive but ultimately I got them.   Some lessons came to me in life and I was not mentally or spiritually ready to receive them so surely the lesson was repeated.  I implore you today to look at life as a journey.  Look at it as you are collecting information and data everyday but you must be still and a position to receive them.  

There are some strategies that I use so I can be more open to receiving my life messages.  I am eager to share them with you.  This is my list.  I encourage you develop your own.

1. Prayer

The ability to communicate with a power or an entity that is greater than yourself

2. Trust my instinct

Things that don’t feel right to me normally aren’t.  I trust that gut feeling

3. Read or listen to inspirational things

Words have power.  People are inspired by God in various forms and they give the messages via poetry, spoken word, theater, paintings, novels, movies, or books just to name a few.  

4. Circle of support

Humans are not an island unto themselves.  We can not dismiss the power of healthy human relationships.  

5. Fasting 

Temporarily denying yourself food during intervals so you can get closer to a divine power to hear clearer messages

6. Service

The ability to help another gives feelings of gratitude and is rewarding

7. Giving 

The ability to give your time, resources, knowledge, and finances to others 

We all need messages to help us maneuver and manage our life.  Messages are meant to help guide us and we must be in a posture to receive the messages. 

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