Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Our nation has undergone so many changes, there are stories of heartbreak, stories of courage that both inspire and just really hit our souls. We hear of frontline workers and their plight in seeing so many lost, we hear of politicians and their hopes for this country, we see those that go out of their way to brighten someone else’s day.

We have witnessed extraordinary acts of heroism, flashed across our television screens, and we cheered when doing the right thing no matter what the cost was brought into view. I don’t know if there are many who watch the evening news anymore, one of my favorite segments is that of Steve Hartman, “On The Road”; each week, there is something new, something to stop and make us think, of possibility, of people who have overcome, overrode obstacles and decided to shine in spite of their circumstances. From dining chipmunks to young innovators to future entrepreneurs this segment inspires me, makes me smile, and often leaves me with a tear running down my cheek or a big smile on my face. These are the stories that should be featured on the evening news, that show true heart.

I get it, these are trying times, but for all the bad out there, this is something that is good, it shows the true spirit and determination of people who will not just shut the blinds and go away. One segment, in particular, struck a nerve within me, and that was the story of a pizza delivery man who was delivering pizza for over thirty years, an honest, hardworking man that went out of his way for his regulars and was driving an ancient, well-loved car. As a way of thanking him, a particular customer decided to give something back, and the community, the people that he served, chipped in and bought him a new car. An act of kindness for many years of kindness, putting the customer in customer service. This simple compassion for someone who well deserved it really touched me, it gave me hope to know that in spite of circumstances, there is always a good side to every story, lessons to be learned and that struggle sometimes is part of the growing process, but rewards do come, sometimes in unexpected forms.

I am grateful for this reminder, this tiny reprieve from everyday life. A place where the news is good news and leaves behind something meaningful.

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