You need to increase the rate of metabolism inside your body to burn more calories and to get rid of excess fat. Detox tea helps in removing toxins from your body. It reduces stress levels and unlocks fat cells to release the stored fat.  This is how red tea makes it possible for you to lose weight easily without strenuous workouts and without starving yourself. Actually this fat burning tea contains 5 different types of metabolic enhancers or fat shrinkers that work silently inside your body to make weight loss possible.

Metabolic enhancer #1 is a fat shrinker

Red tea contains Aspalathin. It is a metabolic enhancer that works like a fat shrinker. Actually Aspalathin contains a bioflavanoid that reduces stress hormones. These stress hormones create hunger pangs leading to consumption and storage of fat. Regular intake of skinny fit tea accumulates Aspalathin to prevent storage of fat inside your body. Aspalathin is also known for its abilities to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, prevention of damage to liver, and mood regulation through its strong and powerful antioxidants.

Metabolic enhancer #2 is fat storage stopper

Belly fat burning drinks work as a fat storage stopper in a very unique way. First of all it stops intake of dietary fat by blocking its digestion. It also works as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent.  Detox tea weight loss will stop your cravings for food by making you feel full for a very long time. On the one hand you consume fewer calories and on the other hand you burn fat through a faster metabolism rate. It means that you can eat more and still consume lesser number of calories to lose fat easily.

Metabolic enhancer #3 is a fat unlocker

You know that fat is deposited and stored inside fat cells. Thankfully these cells have several doors from which this fat can be released. The 3rd metabolic enhancer found in dieter’s tea increases blood flow and helps in boosting the production of adrenaline hormone. Both these mechanisms improve the metabolic rate of the body that not only burns fat faster but also lowers cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Detox tea gets rid of toxins from the blood stream which makes it easy for the digestive system to clear waste products. As a result, your body is cleansed and able to perform fat burning optimally.

Metabolic enhancer #4 is a fat cleanser

The 4th important ingredient in detox weight loss tea is a fat cleanser. It actually works as a diuretic to allow free flow of urine so that toxins are flushed out of the body without any problem.  However, excess urination does not create dehydration and prevents additional outflow of potassium and sodium.  It improves the functioning of liver and kidneys and promoted production of essential enzymes to aid in digestion.

Metabolic enhancer #5 is a hunger killer

The 5th ingredient in fat burning tea makes it possible for your body to metabolize carbohydrates in a smooth and seamless fashion. It boosts metabolism inside the body while lowering resistance to insulin, thereby lowering blood sugar levels. Because of low blood sugar levels, this ingredient in red tea prevents storage of fat inside fat cells. It keeps you feeling full for a very long time which stops you from going for your favorite snacks in between meals. You do not feel hunger pangs and your intake of calories are reduced.  This is how detox tea makes it possible for your body to lose weight quickly and easily.