Michael E Weintraub Esq

Before the advancement of technology, virtual therapies were a part of psychology. However, with the development of science, online therapy benefits patients in many ways. Virtual counseling is very much similar to conventional ones. Patients who are not comfortable sharing their secrets with friends and family consult a therapist, knowing that their information will remain confidential. Before the pandemic, the counselor and the patient needed to meet physically for counseling therapy. However, now online consultation has become more popular.

Understanding virtual therapy during pandemic

With the development of technology, online sessions with psychiatrists have gained momentum leaving behind traditional counseling. People who do not want others to know about their stress can quietly take an online consultation appointment during covid. It saves them from the embarrassment of going to the therapist with a friend or family member. For undertaking mental health therapy, consultants monitor the patient remotely. There is no need for a physical meeting as the therapy can be taken via smartphone or computer, says Michael E Weintraub Esq.

Importance of online consultation during covid

Here are a few characteristics of virtual therapy that might be helpful for a lot of patients during covid

•​It is a time-saving technique

Patients who have taken an appointment with the traditional counselor must be aware that it takes a lot of time and energy to visit a psychiatrist. The time for traveling and the long wait before the psychiatrist arrives seems exhausting and might expose you to the virus. In such circumstances, the patient feels an increase in the level of their anxiety and stress rates. Virtual therapy is a time-saving strategy and keeps you safe during the pandemic. Patients do not have to travel long distances and can undertake a meeting while sitting at home. Virtual therapy sessions require prior scheduling of appointments where the patient and the consultant come together digitally.

•​It is a comfortable experience

One of the significant benefits of virtual therapy is that it gives the patient a stress-free environment where they feel secure to share their problems. Many patients are not comfortable undertaking sessions from their homes. They can isolate themselves in the office or at the park for undertaking counseling sessions. Since it is a virtual meet, the patient can go anywhere with a laptop or mobile phone.

•​It values your confidentiality.

Many patients are hesitant to undertake online therapy as they are apprehensive regarding their information might leak out. Therefore, such patients can rest assured that online therapy programs have to follow the rules of the council of psychology. All the details of the client remain secure as it is encrypted, says Michael E Weintraub Esq. Virtual therapy maintains patients’ confidentiality because nobody will be aware of your online psychological treatment, and you can avoid the risk of viruses. You can do the same from your smartphone without letting people know about it.

•​It is economical

An online consultation program does not require the patient to spend money to travel long distances to stay safe from the virus. It saves the patient from overhead expenses as they do not need to move around to visit a Counselor.

Embarking upon an online therapy program is not rocket science. You need to cherry-pick the best online professional from various resources. Make sure you choose an authorized consultant for your service and enquire about your doubts, says Michael E Weintraub Esq. As such, a new wave of online counseling got introduced during covid.