Michael Giannulis

The various physical restrictions imposed by the governments and local authorities have compelled people to adapt to a truncated lifestyle that disrupts regular living and make them feel like spending their days in captivity. The loss of freedom of movement has drastically changed our lives. Everyone is trying hard to accept the new normal that forbids mixing and socializing in the way we did earlier before the pandemic. Maintaining physical distancing when moving outdoor while covering our face with a mask and washing hands frequently are some of the causes of disruption that results in behavioral changes among people who feel immensely stressed to follow the diktats, feels Mike Giannulis.

People desperately seek relief through self-gratification, leading to unhealthy eating and causing more problems. As the scope of staying active at home is quite limited, the monotony and uncertainty increase mental stress.

Here are some ways to look after your wellness and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Maintain an active lifestyle says Michael Giannulis

Despite the limited opportunities of going outdoors, there are many ways to stay active when you are at home. You must know how to make the best use of your time by overcoming the lure of a sedentary lifestyle, which can damage your health.  Staying idle at home is dangerous because it will make you feel sick without any apparent sickness as the body’s metabolism reduces, and your immunity decreases. Building immunity is the only way to prevent the infection from getting the better of you, and to survive the pandemic, follow a daily routine of exercise to start your day. Staying committed to staying healthy will help to overcome mental stress and improve your overall wellbeing.

Be creative with your exercises to make them enjoyable so that you can sustain them. Add some fun and enjoyment element by including aerobics and Zumba in the routine that keeps you entertained.

Eat healthy

The biggest health threat when staying indoors is not the virus but the tendency to binge eating that can only aggravate the problems you are currently facing. When you are at home without any specific activities to keep you engaged, it can adversely affect your health. Avoid the lure of eating anything and everything and strictly follow a healthy and balanced diet comprising lots of fruits and vegetables and adequate quantities of protein and carbohydrates that help improve immunity and protect you from the virus attack. Avoid processed foods and unhealthy snacks but only take wholesome food that is good to eat and keeps you healthy.

Sleep well to keep stress under control

Having a good sleep is essential for good health at all times and more so during the pandemic when you spend most of the day indoors with less physical activities. Sleep helps to calm the mind and relieve the stress encountered throughout the day to feel completely refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

The body also gets an opportunity to regain its composure so that you are ready to face the day with confidence.