Michael Giannulis

The Covid19 pandemic is teaching us new lessons to stay healthy and strong by taking strict measures of self-isolation and practicing good hygiene to prevent the infections from spreading. While no one knows when the virus might attack, the best way to thwart the contagion is to strengthen immunity that keeps us healthy and empowers us to mitigate the virus’s effects. We must also practice physical distancing and other protective and hygiene measures to stop the infection.

Simultaneously, we must take good care of our mental health, which is undergoing tremendous stress due to gross disruption of our regular lives like home confinement and isolation, feels Michael Giannulis. The immense pressure that we face is more dangerous than the virus because it affects our overall well-being.

The drastic changes to our daily lives are too much stress to handle, and the problem compounds many more times as we stare at an uncertain future due to the battered economy. The following tips should help you to come out from the crisis by ensuring that you stay healthy.

Mike Giannulis wants everyone to follow a routine

Everyone is uncertain about how to re-set their lives in the face of total disruptions, which have left people wondering how to deal with the problem. Various changes and restrictions imposed on people have sent their daily routines for a toss. People are at a loss about spending their day in the new circumstances, which makes them feel more helpless. Loss of motivation is only making our lives more miserable. To overcome the uncertainty, it is important to accept the new normal and create a new routine for each day to find a new purpose of living and stay actively engaged in various activities that give some sense of fulfillment. Once you start enjoying your activities, it will lift your spirits and keep you cheerful.

Reduce stress

The stress build-up is quite regular as we pass through the most challenging phase of our lives, presenting new challenges each day. The best way to ensure your overall wellbeing is to find ways to keep the stress under control. When you have a daily routine in place, you know where to start the day and what would follow next. This will help drive away uncertainties and push you throughout the day, which would end on a meaningful note as you stay in control of things. Beyond the routine, divert your attention to other exciting things around you. It will relieve you of the monotony and reduce stress.

Exercise and sleep

Exercise daily so that you can maintain a certain level of activities that keep you fit and healthy. Short spells of exercises that you can do without any resources within the small spaces are good enough to eliminate stress and keep you happy. Have a good sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day so that you feel recharged and refreshed to start each day.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet that can support your goal of staying healthy.