These days’ people are getting troubled by overwhelming feelings. People find it challenging to get back to everyday life between family life, juggling work, and different commitments. They are finding it hard to strike a balance between personal and professional responsibility. However, it is not that hard. You must make a timetable and unwind your cognitive and physical health. You will have to develop a positive approach to life and learn how to manage your anxiety level. You must have the patience to observe what is happening to your overall health and take the necessary steps to rectify the same.

Michael Osland asks readers to relax their muscles

Apart from exercise, you will have to take out your time to de-stress your muscles. The muscles get tense after long hours of work. Hence, you will have to loosen them if you want to refresh your physique. You can go for stretching, a short walk or a hot bath. Try to enjoy what you are doing and take small breaks in between. Get a good night’s sleep and engage with individuals who make you feel good.

Regular exercise is fundamental

Regular physical exercise, yoga, and meditation have a positive impact on human health. It helps in striking a balance between your cognitive and physical activity. When you work out regularly, it has an optimistic effect on your central nervous system. Exercise helps in improving mood and keeps your blood pressure in control. You will have to work out at least one to two hours every day. You must engage in moderate to intense exercise to brush off the negative feelings from your mind. Try to focus on your fitness goal and be consistent with it. To get the much-needed boost, you can engage in online and offline exercise sessions with your friends and family members. It will also assist you in formulating a positive relationship with them.

Breathing exercise has a sincere impact

Apart from regular physical exercise, breathing exercise also helps in relieving stress. All you need to do is take a few deep breaths, and that will release the pressure. For this, you will have to sit in a comfortable place and keep your hands on your lap. Try to relax and close your eyes, says Michael Osland. Imagine the best part of your life and try to calm your nerves. After a few deep breaths, you will experience a light feeling. You will be surprised with its results and start feeling re-energized.

Take care of a balanced diet

Apart from physical exercise, diet also plays an important role. When you eat well, you feel good. You will have to take care of your regular physical exercise and diet so that your mind and body are in proper balance.

Take more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Lastly, you will have to take small breaks in between your work. Try to go for meditation, yoga, prayer sessions, and listen to music. Spend time with those individuals who matter to you and who make you feel good.