Michael Rudzik Business travel

It’s very common for people to travel for business, especially in the US. About 1.1 million people travel for business every single day. Some people may only travel for training purposes or meet with an investor, but other people are regular travelers. Even though it’s common, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cause stress. From delays to bad wifi, there are so many factors that can cause you to stress. Here are some ways to reduce your stress levels and remain prepared for the work that needs to get done when you travel domestically and internationally. 


The best way to reduce your stress is to prepare as much as possible. Before your trip, book any travel like a train ticket or airfare as soon as possible. It leaves you the time to plan and get the best deals and times possible. Make a checklist of the things you will need for the trip, such as files or documents, and what you need to get done beforehand. Creating a list will help you become organized for every aspect of the trip. Another thing to prepare for is your access to the internet. Check if you will have wifi during your travels and whether your hotel has internet. This will help you plan when you can get some work done during your trip. 

Stick To Your Routine

Although you are traveling and staying in a new place, you are still completing another workday. The best way to reduce stress is to maintain a regular exercise routine, and a business trip should be no different. If you regularly go for a morning jog, find out if there is a gym in your hotel so you can continue with that routine. It will help you adjust, maintain structure, and alleviate some stress. You should also try to stick to your regular diet, especially if you are a frequent business traveler. About 44 percent of business travelers are more likely to eat unhealthy foods while away from home. Maintaining healthy eating habits will benefit you in the long run. 

Pack Light

Keeping your wardrobe simplistic, versatile, and minimal while traveling for business will allow you to pack lighter and reduce the chance of stressful situations. If you can keep your items to a small bag or carry-on luggage, you will be able to move more freely and worry less. Using just a carry-on for air travel will remove the chance of a lost or delayed luggage. You don’t want to worry about your suit going missing right before a conference. Packing light will reduce these worries and stressors associated with business travel.