Michael Sestak

Michael Sestak says when we think of education, the first thing that comes to mind is obtaining information. Education is a tool that helps people understand their rights and responsibilities to their families, societies, and countries while also providing them with knowledge, skill, technique, and information. It broadens one’s perspective and outlook on life as told by Michael Sestak. It improves people’s capacity to combat injustice, violence, corruption, and a variety of other negative aspects of society. We acquire information on our general surroundings through training. It gives us another point of view on life. It is the main piece of the nation’s development. Without education, it is impossible to explore new ideas.

It suggests that one will be unable to grow the world because without ideas, creativity is absent, and without creativity, nation-building is impossible. Education is a critical aspect that plays a big part in today’s industrialized society. People need a strong education to succeed in today’s competitive economy. People with decent living conditions and education are the bedrock of modern civilization, as they can apply more effective solutions to their problems. Education is beneficial to everyone. Some of the areas where education can aid are as follows:

Reduces Poverty

Global poverty is still a major problem, and education can help to alleviate it. According to Michael Sestak. If all students graduated from school with only basic reading abilities, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty. A person’s potential earnings increase by 10% for each extra year of schooling. A greater education equates to better career chances and higher pay.

Safe and Secure Against Crime

A well-educated person is less likely to be deceived by others. Domestic violence and other societal evils impact educated individuals less frequently. According to Shalom Lamm, they have joyful, healthy relationships in their life. People are less likely to be deceived or become victims of violence as a result of this.

Enjoys Better Life

People with more education can obtain better jobs, and in many cases, better positions imply better health insurance. People are more likely to follow through on preventative treatment and visit doctors when necessary. Michael Sestak believes that people with higher salaries can buy better food, and diet has a significant impact on health. Better education can also lead to reduced stress, particularly when it comes to money. Higher-educated people are more likely to have secure employment and feel in control of their lives. The typical problems of life do not affect intelligent persons with good professions as much as they do others who are less educated and have less financial stability.

Helps in Economy Development

Education can benefit not only individuals but also entire nations. Citizens in countries with high literacy rates have a greater per capita income. When inhabitants of a country prosper financially, they reinvest their earnings in the economy. The global rate of return on investment (ROI) for education is 16 percent for university education, 10% for primary education, and 5% for secondary school. On the other hand, by 2050, low-income nations with low literacy rates will have a GDP per capita that is 70% lower than countries with high literacy rates.

Have Better Communication Skills

There is a clear link between education and communication. A good education can help you communicate more effectively with others, Michael Sestak states. It also helps us strengthen our communication abilities including speech and body language. A well-educated person has the confidence to face or give a speech in front of a large audience, or to hold a meeting or seminar. Without a basic education, it is impossible to write emails, letters, type messages, read publications and newspapers, or even use a Smartphone.