Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries. One game changing agency in the industry is Forward Growth Media, founded by Michael Vargas. Forward Growth Media helps 6-8 figure business owners grow their business and generate new customers through Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising. Michael is a social media marketer from Long Island, New York. Michael’s agency is one of the few that has generated multiple six figures in profit for their clients. Forward Growth Media has a very bright future, especially being run by Michael. It is Michael’s visionary approach to business that has brought him to where he is today.

Michael also acts as a mentor to other social media marketing agency owners, helping them avoid some of the mistakes that he made. He believes in having mentors as it fast-tracks the achievement of goals. Michael says, “I believe that almost everyone who starts a business will face a myriad of challenges along their journey towards their goals. I believe these challenges are almost tests in a way, to weed out those who are not actually serious about achieving their goals and reaching their desired level of success. It took me 15 months from coming up with the concept of my business to landing my first real client. I pretty much made no money during this time whilst also facing ridicule from my friends and some of the people around me.”

It is no secret that building a successful business in the social media marketing space is hard and extremely competitive. Yet, the performance of Forward Growth Media is defying all norms. With Michael’s skill set and working knowledge, we know that the best is yet to come for Michael and Forward Growth Media and we are excited to see what he is able to achieve in the coming months and years!